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Mens Reusable Leakproof Underwear (5-Pack)
Mens Reusable Leakproof Underwear (5-Pack)
Mens Reusable Leakproof Underwear (5-Pack)
Mens Reusable Leakproof Underwear (5-Pack)

Mens Reusable Leakproof Underwear (5-Pack)

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"The BEST Incontinence Product For Men, Hands Down!"

    With these being completely leakproof, yet looking and feeling just like regular underwear it’s easy to see why men 60+ swear by these. 

    They let you do the things you love, give you loads of confidence, and make you feel young again.

    • Great for light to medium incontinence (holds up to 4 tsp of liquid)
    • Can be worn for months while staying absorbent & leakproof
    • Fits perfectly or your money back
    • Easy to wash by machine and safe to throw in the drier
    • Arrives in discreet packaging 

    Fully Leakproof, While Feeling Like Regular Underwear

    With Everdries being based around reusable underwear, rather than diapers, the fabrics we chose to use in each pair was extremely important.

    We couldn’t use anything too thick, it had to feel “natural” like underwear and it couldn’t restrict breathability. Here’s what we use:

    • A super soft cotton, moisture wicking lining to keep your skin comfortable and dry
    • Followed by a moisture-wicking, absorbent layer that sucks liquids from the inner layer and locks them in
    • Then comes a fully leakproof barrier layer to make sure no leaks ever show through
    • And the outside is made of a soft and breathable cotton that looks and feels nearly identical to a “regular” pair of underwear

    In fact, that’s what makes our underwear so great. Everything about it from the look, to the fit, to the feel is all as similar to “regular” underwear as it gets.

    The Most Affordable, Eco-Friendly Long-Term Solution

    Take a look at any pack of male incontinence diapers and you’ll see they’re “only” $50. But you’ll be having to buy the same set of diapers every month and that adds up! 

    With Everdries, it’s a 1 time purchase of $99 and you won’t have to buy another set for at least a year with them being reusable.

    Not to mention the bright future we’ll be giving our grandkids by not filling up our landfills.

    So scroll up, click ‘add to cart’ and grab 5 pairs of your new favorite underwear for only $99.

    100% Perfect Fit Guarantee

    Even the best underwear is no good if the fit sucks!

    While our sizing is as accurate as possible, sometimes the fit just isn't right.

    That's why we have our 100% Perfect-Fit Guarantee:

    Try our underwear on at home, wash them and if you're not 100% satisfied with the fit within 30 days of receiving your order, simply send us an email, return the underwear to us, and we'll replace it with a different size. Your first return is FREE, a shipping label will be sent to you!