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How An Embarrassing Conversation About My “Bladder Leaks” Led Me To Discover A Way To Never Spill A Drop Again

Did you know there's a groundbreaking underwear on the market that's changing the lives of women with bladder leaks?

Find out why you should make the switch to incontinence underwear as a solution for embarrassing urinary leakage with leakproof panties by Everdries.

I expected some changes with age... but not like this!

After moving into the next chapter of my life post-60, I looked forward to enjoying every moment, from grandkids to gardening.

However, I quickly encountered an unexpected challenge:

Stress incontinence.

Suddenly, a laugh or sneeze would lead to discomfort, and my confidence took a hit. A few embarrassing moments later, I knew I needed a solution, or my golden years would be overshadowed by the worry of bladder leaks.

I dove into researching every possible option, from traditional pads and liners to adult diapers.

The issue?

Pads felt like I was sitting on a bulky cushion all day long. Not only did they shift around with every move, making me constantly adjust them. But they also created a noticeable bulge under my clothes.

Liners, on the other hand, were a bit more discreet but no less irritating. They chafed against my skin, leaving me itchy and sore.

Then there were the adult diapers. Sure, they offered more protection, but at a significant cost to my dignity. The rustling sound they made with each step was a constant reminder of my situation. Plus, they were hot and stuffy, especially in the summer, making me feel even more self-conscious.

Each solution left me feeling more and more frustrated. I missed the days of wearing whatever I wanted without a second thought.

I wanted something that felt normal, that let me live my life without constant fear.

Feeling really low, I called up my close friend. She's been through a lot too and always gets it. I told her all about my leaks and how all those fixes I tried just made things worse. My voice trembled as I explained that I felt trapped by my own body.

I wasn't just looking for tips. I needed someone to really get what I was going through. I wanted to find something, anything, that could make me feel like my old self again.

The text that changed everything...

The morning sun brought not just light but a message that would change everything for me. After our discussion from the day before, my friend got hit up by an ad on Facebook for Everdries. 

Apparently they were designed during the pandemic by a woman named Jess. She saw her mom struggle with incontinence and decided to take the matters into her own hands in order to create a solution that TRULY works.

Using her expertise as a fashion designer, she created a pair of leakproof underwear that feels and looks just like regular undies.

Through her job she’d heard about a new type of super absorbent material that could absorb multiple times its own weight, and after making a few phone calls she was able to get her hands on a sample.

Unlike traditional incontinence products, Everdries looks and feels like regular underwear but with the added benefit of being 100% leakproof.

It boasted a reusability that not only made it eco-friendly but also wallet-friendly, capable of being washed and worn again without losing its effectiveness.

I went on their website, placed my order and anxiously waited for what could possibly be a new lease on a leak-free life.

The True Test - Can Everdries Really Keep You Dry & Comfortable?

It was time for the ultimate test.

With a mix of hope and doubt, I slipped into my Everdries the moment the package got dropped on my porch. The first day of what I hoped would be a new era of confidence.

At first, I didn't trust the product enough to use it outside. So I just stayed home all day.

The day went by - laughter, sneezes, and all - and to my amazement, Everdries lived up to every promise. No discomfort, no anxiety over leaks, just a feeling of security and freedom I hadn't felt in years.

I could enjoy my coffee, laugh freely at jokes, and live my day without interruption or embarrassment. It was a victory not just against incontinence but for my quality of life.

Everdries didn't just work; it worked wonders. I went to bed that night leak-free, a testament to the power of innovative design and the importance of finding the right solution for life's little challenges.

Conclusion: It's A No-Brainer

Slipping into Everdries leakproof underwear is as straightforward as getting dressed in the morning. No fuss, no muss – just comfort and confidence from the moment you put them on.

But I know what you might be thinking... can Everdries really handle the unexpected leaks that come with coughs, laughs, or sneezes?

The answer – absolutely! With their innovative design, Everdries offers peace of mind to women dealing with stress incontinence, providing discreet and effective protection.

Whether you're at home, out for dinner, or enjoying a laugh with friends, Everdries has you covered. And because they're washable and reusable, they're not just kind to your wallet but also to the environment.

This makes them the perfect choice for practically any situation – from daily errands to special occasions. Say goodbye to the days of bulky pads and liners, and hello to a life of freedom and dignity with Everdries.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

Everdries is investing big in their first-time buyers.

Considering the innovative design and quality of Everdries leakproof underwear, you might expect a price point that reflects their premium status. It wouldn’t be surprising to see similar high-end incontinence solutions priced well above what many are willing to spend.

That’s why it’s incredible to find out that Everdries is currently offering their underwear at a discounted rate - thanks to a special introductory offer that won’t last forever.

Click here to secure your Everdries at a discounted rate (while supplies last).

It’s a small price to pay for the confidence and freedom from worry about leaks!

Where Do I Get The Real Everdries?

The only place to get authentic Everdries Leakproof Underwear is from their official website.

You can tap the button below to check their availability.

What If They Don't Fit?

Everdries offers a perfect fit guarantee for all orders.

If your panties don’t fit perfectly, Jess will ship you a replacement in the correct size for free, and you don’t even have to return the original order.

All she asks is that you donate the unused pairs to a local women’s shelter so they can benefit someone who needs them.

All in all, if you’re suffering from any of the 4 types of incontinence, I’d recommend trying Everdries! 

Before posting this article, I emailed Jess - the founder of Everdries - asking for a special discount for my readers and she generously accepted! 

I also found out that Everdries are the only leakproof underwear made specifically for women 60+.

Click the button below to grab yourself a pair of Everdries Leakproof Underwear today for 50% OFF the regular price!