How I Live A Life Of Freedom, Even With Constant Bladder Leaks

A Horror Story Of Embarrassment Led Me To The Easiest, Most Effective & Worry-Free Solution...

Pee was dribbling down my leg, in the middle of my towns busiest mall and there was nothing I could do.

…Beside rush home feeling embarrassed, powerless and gross with my mind racing about what just happened.

Am I ok?

Is this normal?

I’d had little leaks in the past when sneezing or laughing really hard, but I always brushed them off knowing leaks happens to a ton of mothers.

This was different though. I literally could not control my urge to pee. And it’s not like I even had to pee, it just came out of me freely!

So I spent hours at the computer that day, researching everything I could and here’s what I found.

What I just experienced was incontinence, which (1) is common for us women over 60, and (2) there’s four types of it.

The 4 Main Causes Of Bladder Leaks

Urge Incontinence - which is the kind I have, is when you have a sudden, strong urge to pee without the ability to hold it in. This is by far the worst kind as it can happen anywhere at any time with little to no warning before.

Stress Incontinence - is when urine leaks because of pressure being placed on your bladder, whether it’s from exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy objects.

Overflow Incontinence - happens when small amounts of urine leak from your bladder whenever it’s full. Making it the easiest form of incontinence to deal with.

Functional Incontinence - as we age and mobility gets harder and harder, people with normal bladder control can have a hard time getting to the bathroom in time to relieve themselves.

Now I Could Look For A Solution!

If any of these sound familiar, let me tell you I know how frustrating and limiting incontinence can be. But once I figured out what was going on, I felt empowered knowing I could now find a solution.

The beginning was a bit rough though, with all I could find being adult diapers.

I was 61 for crying out loud! Growing up I always thought they’re for “old” people and I felt far from it.. There was absolutely no way I was wearing adult diapers, so I kept looking.

Until I found the “perfect” solution. Or so I thought.

With me having worn pads and panty liners every 3 weeks for nearly all my life, I thought they’d  be the “end-all-be-all” solution to my new found embarrassing leaks. 

But fast forward a couple months and I started to dread every time I had to change my pad, which was becoming annoyingly frequent.

I’d go out with friends and have to change in random public bathrooms, shyly telling them "I drank too much." Even my grandkids started asking me why I had to go “pee” all the time!

Not to mention the irritation you get when constantly wearing pads. Especially with sensitive skin! I was getting redness, rashes and overall felt really uncomfy. Almost like I was wearing a diaper.

So, I thought I’d give panty liners a shot.

And while these were much better in terms of irritation, they were much worse - actually, HORRIBLE - for keeping leaks contained. After a couple very embarrasing scenes, I gave up on liners as well.

I needed another solution and I needed it fast because I was starting to feel more and more “trapped” as each day went by. 

Not to mention all the pollution I was creating for my grandkids! All these disposables were going straight to the landfill. There's no way I could keep damaging the environment for future generations.

The cost of all these disposables was nothing to laugh at either.

And so the search for a solution that would let me live freely again - doing the things I want, when I want, without discomfort and constant bathroom trips - started all over again.

I Might've Found The Perfect Solution

Eventually I stumbled across leakproof underwear. “How hadn’t I thought of this before?! It seemed so obvious, but at the same time.. would they even work?” 

At this point, there was no time to waste, I had to find out.

So I poured through reviews - hundreds actually! Checked blogs, went on forums and asked others what their thoughts were. I even pushed myself to talk to my doctor.

And to my surprise, nearly everything I found was extremely positive. 

Maybe these actually were the perfect solution?

The main things everyone was mentioning could be boiled down into 4 extremely promising, hope-inspiring points:

#1: They Look & Feel Just Like Regular Underwear While Trapping & Absorbing Leaks

The whole point of leakproof underwear is to have all the advantages of an adult diaper, while keeping the comfort, style and ease of use of “regular” underwear.

With that, companies seem to put a whole lot of importance on making them look & feel nearly identical to regular underwear. 

Of course there’s an absorbency patch going from front to back, but from the outside every pair I researched looked identical to my current regular underwear. They’re even available with a high waist (& sooo many other styles) which I love.

#2: You Can Wear Them Longer Than Disposables

Leakproof underwear ranges in absorbency levels, but most mid-level absorbency pairs will quickly absorb around two and a half times more than a pad!

On top of that they’re supposed to keep you dry so that you don’t have to constantly change out of a pad or panty liner. 

#3: They Leave A Cleaner Environment For Our Grandkids

Changing pads/panty liners multiple times a day, every single day, creates a LOT of waste. I mean a LOT.

And disposables aren’t recyclable. In fact, they take over 800 years to decompose - leaving tons of waste to pollute the environment for our grandkids.

#4: They're Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Odor

Another thing that really stood out to me alongside leakproof underwear being healthier is how the absorbency fabric they use is naturally anti-bacterial while being super gentle.

An amazing “side-effect” of them being anti-bacterial is that they’re also anti-odor!

How Leakproof Underwear Works

While I believed all this, I’m a natural skeptic and still had my doubts. But at this point, I was ready to do nearly anything for a “normal” life again. So I went ahead and ordered a couple pairs from a company named Everdries.

I chose Everdries because as I was shopping between companies, I’d emailed them asking how their underwear works and here’s what they sent back:

“To look and feel like regular underwear, the “outer shell” is made of the same fabric blends you’d find in your current underwear. It’s meant to be super soft, accommodating of curves and breathable.

Then on the inside of the underwear, you have 3 additional layers that start at the top of the front seam and go all the way to the top of the back seam. 

Closest to you is a moisture-wicking layer made of cotton & bamboo that’s designed to suck all leaks away from your skin, while transferring the liquid to the next layer:

An absorbency layer designed to hold up to 3 times it’s weight in liquid and keep it there, away from your skin. On top of that, it’s supposed to make liquid evaporate so that it dries quickly.

Behind those two inner layers and right before the outer shell is a breathable, yet 100% leakproof layer that makes sure leaks will never be seen.”

Their explaination sounded legitimate and that's why I decided to go with Everdries.

My Experience With Leakproof Underwear

Fast forward a week and my leakproof underwear had arrived!

What I noticed right off the bat was how they actually did legitimately look & feel like regular underwear. The only noticeable difference is the absorbency patch which runs from front to back.

Surprisingly, it feels really soft & smooth to the touch with the fabric being very “normal” - flexible and light, even though it’s supposed to stop leaks.

Which I really liked, but at the same time it made me very skeptical of how well they’d absorb & stop my leaks from showing through. So the next thing I did after throughly inspecting the underwear (which by the way was put together very nicely) was drop some water onto them to see (1) if they absorb it, and (2) if they let anything through.

And to my surprise they worked as promised! Absolutely no water came through and what I poured was fully absorbed quite quickly. It took about 4 teaspoons before the absorbency layer started to get overwhelmed which doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s about 2.5x more than a pad can absorb.

Which brings me onto what it’s like wearing them daily. And truth be told, it’s absolutely wonderful. 

Of course I still get my leaks, but the thing is I don’t have to constantly change, there’s no irritation and I feel “free!” - as if I were wearing normal underwear. Not to mention the huge amounts of money I’ve been saving while also keeping the planet clean!

An Exclusive Deal For My Readers

All in all, if you’re suffering from any of the 4 types of incontinence, I’d recommend trying Everdries! 

Before posting this article, I emailed Jess - the founder of Everdries, who originally created them as a solution for her mom - asking for a special discount for my readers and she generously accepted! 

I also found out that Everdries are the only leakproof underwear made specifically for women 60+.

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