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Why Women 60+ Are Ditching Their Old Underwear For A Better Alternative

The New Design From Everdries Changed Everything For Me (I'm Never Going Back!)

Find out why you should make the switch to incontinence underwear as a solution for embarrassing urinary leakage with leakproof panties by Everdries.

Exciting news for women dealing with incontinence:

A promising new solution has recently hit the market.

Leakproof underwear.

The new design, which is washable and reusable, is said to be a more discreet, comfortable, and affordable alternative compared to traditional disposable products.

But are they all they’re cracked up to be?

In this article we’ll cover what they are, how they work and how to tell if leakproof underwear may be right for you.

What Is Incontinence?

What Is Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence — or the loss of bladder control — is a common and often embarrassing problem.

It is most common in women over 60 and can range in severity from small leaks when you cough or sneeze to an urgent need to urinate that’s so strong and sudden it is impossible to make it to a toilet in time.

There are a few different reasons it can happen, including:

While incontinence isn’t typically caused by a serious medical condition, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor just to make sure.

The 4 Types of Incontinence

Incontinence comes in many shapes and sizes, but the important thing to understand is that there are 4 types and in order to find the best solution, first you need to know which one is affecting you.

Stress Incontinence - is when urine leaks because of pressure being placed on your bladder, whether it’s from exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy objects.

Urge Incontinence - is when you have a sudden, strong urge to pee without the ability to hold it in. This is by far the worst kind as it can happen anywhere at any time with little to no warning before.

Overflow Incontinence - happens when small amounts of urine leak from your bladder whenever it’s full. Making it the easiest form of incontinence to deal with.

Functional Incontinence - as we age and mobility gets harder and harder, people with normal bladder control can have a hard time getting to the bathroom in time to relieve themselves.

If any of those sound familiar… don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Millions of women deal with incontinence every day.

It is nothing to be ashamed of.

What Are The Typical Solutions To Incontinence?

Sometimes lifestyle and diet changes, certain exercises like kegels, or other treatments like pelvic floor therapy can help reduce the severity of your incontinence.

But for the most part, incontinence is just something we have to manage.

If this is something you’ve been dealing with for more than a few months you’ll probably be familiar with typical incontinence products, like:

  • Pads
  • Panty liners
  • Adult diapers

These solutions are generally effective at preventing leaks from showing through to your clothes, but they have a few big downsides

  1. Not very comfortable
  2. Often thick, bulky and noticeable under clothes
  3. Disposable so you have to keep buying them over and over
  4. Made with plastic which isn’t good for your skin
  5. Huge environmental cost (pads can take up to 800 years to decompose — crazy!)

Personally what turned me off most was the monetary cost.

Once I found out that if I use an average of 4 disposable pads a day, that it will end up costing me over $300 over the course of just 1 yearI started thinking there has to be a better way.

What Are Leakproof Underwear?

Leakproof underwear are a new type of underwear that are made to look and feel like regular underwear, while being 100% leakproof for light to medium incontinence.

They’re washable, reusable, and from the outside function just like regular underwear.

The difference is that they have an absorbent, moisture-wicking lining sewn right into the body of the panties. This lining is what traps and absorbs leaks and prevents moisture from getting through to your clothes.

How Do Leakproof Underwear Work?

  1. First it absorbs the liquid into the leakproof liner
  2. Next it traps the liquid so it can’t get through to your clothes
  3. Finally it wicks away the moisture to keep you comfy and dry

The beauty of leakproof underwear is that they “work in the background” so to speak.

Meaning you do not need to keep changing them out or carry a purse full of pads everywhere you go.

Put another way, they are a much more “hands off” solution.

What Are The Benefits of Leakproof Underwear?

There are a surprising number of benefits associated with using leakproof underwear:

✓ Better for the environment: disposable products go directly to landfills and create TONS of environmental waste. Leakproof underwear are washable, reusable and create 95% less waste than disposables.

✓ Healthier for you: disposables are made with toxic chemicals that can cause rashes and skin irritation as they get absorbed into the body. YUCK!

✓ Saves you a ton of money: 500 disposable pads for $120? Or 5 pairs of leakproof underwear for $60? The choice is pretty obvious in our opinion!

✓ More comfortable to wear: leakproof underwear are made of soft materials like cotton and polyester… while disposables are made of plastic. We will let you take a guess as to which feels better "down there"!

✓ Makes you feel young: this is probably the biggest benefit of owning leakproof underwear… they’re actually kind of cute! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to feel good in their own skin?

✓ More dignified: let’s face it, a wet piece of plastic rubbing up against your leg doesn’t exactly inspire confidence… leakproof underwear not only prevent leaks, but they make you feel good while doing it!

✓ Completely invisible under your clothes: since leakproof underwear are much thinner and more sheer than disposables, even under your tightest clothes no one will be able to tell you’re wearing them. 100% discreet protection — what a relief!

✓ Doesn’t require constant changing: the beauty of leakproof underwear is they are a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. Just put a pair on in the morning and go about your day. The undies will take car of the rest. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

✓ Reduces worry and allows you to live freely: with a high quality pair of leakproof underwear you will finally be able to stop worrying about leaks, accidents, or where the nearest restroom is.

That mental baggage disappearing from your life is an amazing feeling… it is like a giant boulder being lifted off your shoulders.

How Do I Know If Leakproof Underwear Are Right For Me?

While leakproof underwear offer a ton of benefits compared to traditional incontinence products... they are not right for everyone.

The main factor in determining if they are right for you lies in the level of absorbency you need.

Generally a good pair of leakproof underwear will have similar absorbency to a disposable incontinence pad.

So for women who need more protection, like those who are fully incontinent, something more heavy duty like adult diapers may be preferable.

The good news is leakproof underwear work amazingly for most women and cover all 4 incontinence types.

But if you're still unsure, here is an easy litmus test to determine if they are a good option for you...

Just ask yourself:

“Are disposable pads absorbent enough for my needs?”

If the answer is yes, then leakproof underwear will work for you.

Where Can I Buy High Quality Leakproof Underwear?

Making the switch to leakproof underwear is an absolute gamechanger!

Like anything, though, not all leakproof underwear are created equal.

Personally I tried about a dozen different brands before I found the one I absolutely loved:

The NEW: Leakproof High Waisted from Everdries.

In terms of fit, comfort, and absorbency, Everdries are far and away the best ones I tried.

(Which was actually quite surprising since they were more affordable than other brands.)

I didn't have the highest of hopes when I ordered, but once I received them I was absolutely blown away.

Everything from the packaging, to the material, to the customer service was amazing.

It's clear that the founder, Jess, really cares about her customers.

She even sent me a full replacement for free when my first order didn't fit right... and she didn't even ask me to return the original order. I mean seriously, who even does that?!

Probably my favorite part of Everdries though, is that they're, dare I say, sexy!

The cut, the fit, the material... I thought they would be granny panties — but it was the complete opposite.

I feel younger and more confident wearing Everdries than I do a lot of my regular panties.

The added bonus is that whether you're wearing them around the house or out in public, they are completely invisible under your clothes — no one will ever know you're wearing them.

Heck, they're so sheer and comfy sometimes I even forget I'm wearing them! LOL.

An Exclusive Deal For My Readers

All in all, if you’re suffering from any of the 4 types of incontinence, I’d highly recommend trying Everdries! 

Before posting this article, I emailed Jess - the founder of Everdries, who originally created them as a solution for her mom - asking for a special discount for my readers and she generously accepted! 

I also found out that Everdries are the only leakproof underwear made specifically for women 60+.

Click the button below to grab yourself a pair of Everdries Leakproof Underwear today for 50% OFF the regular price!

Incontinence is just another (common) bump in the road. Luckily, you can make sure it doesn't stop you from enjoying life to it's fullest.

With a discreet solution like Everdries, you can look and feel like you’re wearing regular underwear. Except now you’ll have the confidence of knowing no leaks will show through.

They’re absorbent, quick drying and feel amazing all day long!

  • Great for light to medium incontinence (holds up to 4 tsp of liquid)
  • Each pair can be worn for months while staying absorbent
  • Machine washable, hang to dry
  • Arrives in discreet packaging

Live Like Incontinence Didn’t Exist

One of the toughest things about our new found bladder issues is they limit us from doing the things we once did.

Which is why we did everything possible to help you do the things you love, without having to make compromises.

We did this by making each pair with a 3-step absorption system:

  • Step 1: Liquid is absorbed into the leakproof liner
  • Step 2: The bottom of the liner traps the liquid so nothing can get through to your clothes
  • Step 3: The top of the liner wicks away any remaining moisture to keep you comfy and dry

Which may sound like a lot, but Everdries are super comfy and almost as thin as any other pair of underwear :)

100% Perfect Fit Guarantee

Even the best underwear is no good if the fit sucks!

While our sizing is as accurate as possible, sometimes the fit just isn't right.

That's why we have our 100% Perfect-Fit Guarantee:

Try our underwear on at home, wash them and if you're not 100% satisfied with the fit within 30 days of receiving your order, simply send us an email telling us your order number and the size you need, and we'll send you the new size free of charge - No need to return the original product.

FREE Bonus - 7 Ways To Stop Bladder Leaks

Order today and receive the 7 Ways To Stop Bladder Leaks ebook 100% FREE!

Inside you’ll discover 7 surprising techniques that can reduce or in some cases even completely eliminate bladder problems in women 60+.

As soon as you place your order a digital copy of the book in PDF format will be sent to you via email.

Returns & Refunds

Returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery. For our full refund and return policy, please click here. To start a return, just email us at support@everdries.com.

P.S. We Want To Help You As Much As Possible

If you have light incontinence, our underwear will help you live life like you did before the leaks, but it won't cure them. In fact, no underwear, diapers or pads will cure incontinence.

But incontinence CAN get better or even fully go away. Here's what some other women have tried with some great success stories:

  • Kegels - these strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which support your bladder
  • Chiropractors - they can gently adjust your spine, restoring optimal function of bodily processes
  • Pelvic floor physical therapy - like kegels, a physical therapist can help you strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Talking to your doctor - they'll be able to lead you down the right direction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What size should I order?

A: Our underwear fits a little large. If in between sizes, we recommend ordering a size down. If you're still unsure, you can order confidently knowing we have our perfect fit guarantee - if the size you order doesn't fit, we'll get you the correct size 100% free!

Q: Do they wash easily? Will they stain?

A: Yes! Everdries are machine washable and will wash up to how they looked the day you got them! Please hang dry for best results.

Q: How much of the underwear is leakproof?

A: Everdries cover everywhere that needs to be covered and never let anything through

Q: Do they make any sounds when walking?

A: Nope! Everdries look and feel just like "regular" underwear

Q: How absorbent are they? Are they fully leakproof?

A: Everdries are perfect for light to medium incontinence, holding up to 4 teaspoons of liquid and they never let any of it through

Q: Can you see these through your pants?

A: Nope! Even if you could see Everdries through your pants, they look and feel just like "regular" underwear.


I really like my undies that I purchased. I had purchased others from somewhere else. They didn’t hold up as well as yours. I don’t really care for the silky felling. I’m sorta a cotton girl. The main reason I wanted to buy was because of the story about the daughter creating for her mom.




Still hesitant. Nothing but thick pads have helped in the past. These are so light and comfortable my mind hasn't excepted as of now. Would like to see one for heavy leaks. I think I would be much more comfortable.


Very light weight


I've tried other brands - they leak. These are amazing! They deliver on their promise!!!!


Jess you sell the best panties for Mary the fit very well and do what they should do love your store l will by for you always thank you so very much for your kindness and all your staff they ware very well in bed and all day can l get them in white.


I love the feel of these panties and the fact that they are leak proof. Despite being on 2 meds for bladder leakage I still have "accidents". I ordered XL which is in the weight limits set for your company but the panties are a little tight around my legs. I attribute this to the act that most of my weight is in my butt and thighs. Next order will be a little larger. Other than that, It is so nice to be in regular underwear again! Thank you!


100%. Better than the first company I tried.


"They panties were snug, but they are very good!

They absorb all liquid and don't smell bad either."


I’ve been needing something like this for years!!! What a relief.


Thank YouThey Are Great   Here’s Hoping .??????


I ordered the incontinence underwear and I love it. I have the sudden urge and emptying before I can make it to the bathroom. Did I order the right underwear?


Thank you! They’re great!


I like them very much. I am in the process of initiating a return for a larger size. There was a discrepancy in size among the 5 items. The black was larger than the nude pair. I wore the black and they were comfy and did their job and washed well.I did not open the other 3.


Fit great. Just what I needed.


Where have these been all my life...ILOVETHEM!


I love them when I sneeze anymore I have lots of times when I leak they are the best panties thank you


"Fit better than previous order from a different company



"could wear light colors without concern




These briefs work perfect for me. This was my second order. Size runs small but size chart is correct. I really would prefer a black cotton liner. I dont like stained clothes! The white liner stains easily and is not responsive to stain remover solutions. Otherwise - product is as advertised and my size on the chart -3x (Im actually a size 10) fits well.


Very comfy


Love them.. I got 2xl to be on safe side.. but too large. I’m keeping them and ordering more in smaller size!! Happ me!!


They look like normal underwear and my mother in law who has dementia doesn’t notice the difference!


Love them. They are so light and fit good.


they are a good fit and work as they should


Love them


New to using this sort of pantie and just got yours. They feel super nad now they are in the washefr.


"The fit is perfect sized up one size.


I can wear slacks for more than one day without odor or leakage. "


Very comfortable and Very absorbant. Great job.


I absolutely love my new waist high Everdries. I now don't have leaks that show through on my outer clothing. Plus, I notice that I don't have frequency of leakage that I had before using these wonderful new panties.


They are very comfortable and fit very well.


Love how light these are with no bulkiness or noise when wearing. I ordered one size bigger as mentioned but they are “almost” too big. (I ordered large). I’ve tried other brands and these are my favorite so far but haven’t experienced a leak yet!!!


I reordered these but in larger size .   They are perfect and give me great confidence to be out and about .


"Ever dries work.

If you are on the fence order them!"


I am pleased with how well the waist high panties fit and the generous amount of lining to make the panties "ever dry." I ordered more and look forward to their arrival


They have given me confidence when I am out that I want have a accident. Thanks


My wife has worn them and they have proven there worth. If a lady has the occasional problem of leakage, these are an excellent buy.


These are perfect, just what I was looking for.


Very well made, quick shipping, great price!!


Comfortable. Durable


Fits perfectly


I had bought others but didn’t like them much. These are very comfortable and I feel like they are regular underwear.


They are light weight but keep you moisture free.


First day of wearing them, was skeptical at first, but am happy camper now! Nice not having to wear a Poise liner. Happy as promised I received 5 different colors! A very satisfied customer. Thank You.


Very comfortable and seem to work very well. Glad I sized up.


Good fit, light weight, effective protection. The best ive found so far.


Very comfortable


solves a problem that was happening.........thank you


Great fit, does it's Job!! Thanks everdries! Priced much more reasonable than some of the others!


So much better than a pad! They are light and very comfortable. Even fashionable. I am SO pleased.


"i bought this for my mother in law and she love them

I am thinking of getting some for myself!! "


I open the first panty package and thought “ this looks way too thin. It’s surely not going to work. “. I basically shoved the packages of panties aside….yet another waste of money.Today, I thought, what the heck, I will try one pair and donate the rest. WAS I EVER WRONG! Incredibly comfortable and absolutely no leakage! Not only will I NOT be donating but I will be placing another order soon. I’m a BIG FAN now!


I’m very pleased with my order of everdries.


Works great. Feels wonderful. Will order more asap


Although I did not get the style I ordered, I found these to be the most comfortable panties ever! I ordered bikinis but got the full (grannie) panties but that’s okay, I am a grannie after all. I did size up as recommended, probably could have gotten my regular size but the fit is still comfortable. I wore them when walking my dogs and found them to be effective, to be honest, I didn’t realize I have a bit of leakage during that time and it was immediately absorbed by the panty.  


I was anxiously awaiting my order. I’m a curvy woman and have tried other brands but they never fit right. These fit perfect, I ordered a size up from what I normally wear. They are great!


I loved them.They are very comfortable. I would like to order more.


Was skeptical, but was surprised how natural the panties felt. Very comfortable. Will purchase more.


Today is my first day wearing these undies. I was worried about the fit when I put them on, but hours later when I saw this email, I remembered that I had them on. That is comfort!


I absolutely love them the only thing I would like to see is the leg openings be tighter. I have small thighs and the panty is very big there. Otherwise they are terrific


I don't have incontinence, but I do leak a little if I sneeze or cough. They have worked great.. I was worried that they wouldn't fit, but they were perfect. I love them. I recommend them and will buy again. The 5 pack.


I love there panties. I feel more confidant with them on!


Best thing that ever happened for incontinence. So tired of buying pads. Very comfortable.


I was unsure of the claims but find them comfortable and leak proof as described. I will be ordering another set.


Truelly leak proof. The smell isn't the most pleasant, but No One else can smell it...so that's great!


These are great! Very soft and comfortable! Wish they weren't so expensive..😁


They are comfy and satisfy my light needs. I had to order two sizes up and am very happy with my purchase.


I love the quality, but I'm exchanging for a larger size.


Wonderful! Comfortable and dry! Definitely will order more! Thank you


They’re very comfortable, increases my confidence as I go about my activities.




I’m new at this leakage stuff. These panties are great! My confidence is back. They’re what I wear all the time.


"Excellent product! Definitely need to order a size or two larger than normal.




Very comfortable and discreet




Was worried about fit, but they fit great! Love the look and feel! Even my boyfriend liked them!!!


Like the fit, tried pouring water on them and was quite impressed with the absorption. Very happy with them


The product looks and feel great!


I really love these


I love these underwear


The feel and fit so good. I could wear them every day.


These underwear fit great and are extremely comfortable to wear. They do a great job dealing with minor incontinence issue. Will definitely be buying more!


I feel safe and protected when wearing these panties,


I love them! So soft


Very nice. Looking forward to giving a try.


I didn’t expect them to work but they actually did. Much better then pads


They fit great!


I've looked at these for awhile. I am so tired of wearing pads every day. I finally ordered 10 pair, and they are a game changer!! They are comfortable, silky, absorbent and pretty! These will be my go-to undies forever!!


These fit perfectly!





"Love them, they are amazing. Recommended to my friends and family



It was as shown on the picture. Fits well and arrived in time.


These are the very best underwear I’ve ever worn. Definitely trading in all others as these spoiled me. I’m a forever customer. Thanks for greatest product and the exceptional customer service. Vicki


I love the fut and quality


They are so comfortable and absorbent.


These are the best!


These panties are super. I thought I was doomed to wear incontinence pads for the rest of my life. These were a wonderful and liberating experience which I am telling everyone about. I wear a 10 in regular panties and bought an XL in these. I had the full size briefs. The XL was snug, but not overly so. I would order the same size going forward. I ordered the medium in absorbency and it works well for me, but might need the maximum for overnight. Wonderful!! Laundered well. Will order again!


I bought these for my mom, and she loves them. She says they are so comfortable and she doesn't feel all hot and sweaty like she would with disposable briefs or pads.


Great product…excellent customer service!


They are perfect


Works like it says it will


These are now my only underwear.


Love that I don’t have to wear a pad too.


Much more comfortable than other brands I have tried.


I love, Love, LOVE these undies. They solve a problem that with my doctor and these undies has been plaguing me for years!


I love, love, love these panties! The material is soft and makes me feel as if I am wearing regular panties even while protecting me from leaks! No more feeling self-conscious because of bulky pads, and no more expense from buying pads and liners.   Wish I had found them much earlier!


These are great. No leaks onto my outer clothes, wicks moister away from my skin, dries fast, no odor and very comfortable.


I just love these panties, they look gorgeous feel so good. I’m a pre opp transgender and these panties really helps me conceal things that others can’t! I’m absolutely trilled with them and would recommend them to anyone.


Fit really well and very comfortable.


These are true to size.


Great fit. Let's me feel confident throughout the day. I recommend these for anyone with any type of leakage issue. Better than any pad and they just feel normal.


"Love the way they fit and feel. There function takes a load off my mind



I’ve had bladder leaks for a while now. Recently when I was on Facebook I saw an ad for everdries panties. I thought okay I’ll try these. I’ve tried others in the past and they just didn’t work out well. The panties arrived and I tried then on. Oh boy they felt just like the rest of my underwear. Was doing my usual chores and really forgot I was wearing them. They’re so soft and non-bulky. I ended up at a food store shopping. When I first noticed I have had then on for six hours and they still felt dry. I know me and know it was a first for me. Bottom line I love my panties. They work very well and the colors are great too.   Thank you. They are fantastic


I received my order today and love them.


"I am a happy customer and definitely placing another order next month (budget ya know!)

Was amazed at how well work! Can’t believe they do not leak!!

Thank you!"


Fit well


"I'm impressed with my order but your customer service is the greatest I've ever come across.

I received my order on 1/28/23 and found I ordered the wrong size, I emailed you for instructions on how I should proceed. Your response was quick. I just printed the shipping label and can't wait for my new order to arrive. "


I was surprised that this underwear actually is normal, tight, meshy cooling material. It doesn't look like granny pants!! On top of that, it actually does what it says it should -- traps urine leaks without pads. Love wearing these.


I really loved them. They do hold my leaks and it is finally good not to buy anymore panty liners


NOw have more control.


Love the protection and comfort!


Very nice


Comfortable, lightweight, and do the job they are intended to do. Advertised as "bikini" though and they are definitely closer to regular high waisted underwear. Anxious to see how they launder, but loving them so far.


Your store was very helpful with my order. I love the product.


"The fit was great. First time got the wrong size and they so helpful in returning them and

sending out the next size down. "


Love the panties


Only one suggestion, make them tagless


Not bikini (thank goodness) comfortable. Good fit. Will definitely be purchasing more


I feel more confident not worried about a sneeze anymore!!!!


Effective and comfortable


These are great for little bladder leaks. I wear them everyday to work. Because who wants to leak at work!


I love the coverage of these. High in front and back.   Pure joy!


Finally pants that protect all the way up the back of the panties. Love them


I have tried every brand available - as soon as I tried these on, I knew my search was over. Fit really well, I love the fabric. They're pretty, too.


No leaks!


Fit good work well.Thanks love you too


Comfortable & fits great!


I had to exchange the size. I believe they run a little bigger. I had no problems with returning. They are very comfortable and the quality is wonderful.


Reordering. Great customer service


My order came fast and I love them much more than another brand I tried.


Received them last week they work really well I was surprised how well. I will definitely be ordering more.


Beautiful colors and the best thing is i don't have to worry about leaks, and order keep up the good work


The fit is right. The fabric is right. You can’t go wrong!


I ordered a size to big. And need to exchange them to a smaller size. Other then that I absolutely love them..


So far they have been great. I will see how they are after they are washed.


Have had these for four days…love them and have had no issues so far.


The is great very comfortable does what it needs to do


"I feel great. thank you.



Great fit and very comfortable!


Quality product; fits as promised and delivery and customer service excellent. Will buy again.


I've tried other brands but these are #1. Customer service have helped me and stand by there product.


I like these . Fit perfectly


I made a mistake on my original order and they have been quick to respond and correct my mistake. Great product helping me with age problems


So far they work as described. Hoping after a few washes I can say the same.


Very comfortable. Feels like I have no underwear at all. Love them.


Very nice and easy fit, enough room in the seat...


"Received the order promptly, they were true to size and are very comfy! Will

order more!"


Love the panies


It is so great to be out and about with no worries about leaks. I will be ordering again. Thank you so much.


Perfect fit was very comfortable and I felt more secure wearing them will be ordering again


These are the most comfortable of the leak proof panties I've tried, and they are thin like regular panties. I recommend them!


They’re the best I’ve come across and they’re not bulky.


I highly recommend Everdries. They are not bulky,no leaks I’m very happy 😆 with the product.


These are perfect for light bladder leaks or unexpected period starts


Love the fit of the 3x and the amazing absorption.   Have not needed the bulky pads I have worn for years!


Great deal true to size love them


VERY comfortable!


Very well made; perfect fit!


Amazing product! Truly fits like regular briefs and the absorbency works for me. Thank you for designing these products!


Absolutely the best!!! So amazed by the comfort and fit!!! And very affordable 👍❤️


"Fit is perfect and they are very comfortable. No one can tell I am wearing them! Thank you, thank you, thankyou!



So comfortable! Stay put!


They fit alot better than the larges.


"Fit is Excellent the fabric is soft love the fit.



Love that they can go in the washer and dryer.


Love the panties and customer service is awesome.


So far, I love the everdries. My only complaint is that they could be a little longer tofit my long torso. Otherwise, I love the lightness of the material and how sleek they fit under my clothes.


I just love them,stop me from worring when i am out shopping are with my friends having lunch.


I normally wear another brand but the padding is super thick. I was skeptical when I opened these because of how thin they are. I wet them with the sink and was very surprised how absorbent they were. Wore them to Disney and they were comfortable and not sweaty. I will definitely be buying more. I can’t remember if you have different styles but I would love some that aren’t so grannyish 🙂


The customer service is wonderful. I ordered the wrong size, returned them and received the correct size within a couple of days. And the product is wonderful!


I was surprised at how effective this underwear is at catching the spontaneous drips and leaks that would otherwise have me reaching for a bulky pad. They fit well and wash easily with no odor or perfumes.


I like the colors and comfort of wearing them.


Really like them, this is my second order.


Very comfortable, and does the job that they were designed to do very well.


I love them, they’re soft and stretchy. Thank you so much.


I have been looking for a pair of period panties that are comfortable, true to size, and work. This is the 3rd brand I tried and the 3rd time is definitely the charm, because these panties met all of my criteria. Highly recommend!


Really comfortable. Work well. Worth every cent.


"Love my ever-dries! They are so comfortable and no leaks! It's the best feeling in the world to be free of pads. I feel amazing! Thanks so much for restoring my freedom and confidence. I've regained my faith and confidence in going in public with my head held high.



I couldn’t believe that they would hold anything because they are so thin. I wet them at the sink to test them and they absorb a lot and it doesn’t leak through! I normally wear the ones that end in X but the padding is super thick and only goes halfway up. Those will now be the back up emergency undies when it’s laundry day! I ordered two more sets of the Everdries the second day I wore them. Oh, and wore them to Disney and they didn’t make me all sweaty and gross feeling!  


I have tried numerous brands but all of them ran very small. Everdries run true to size. I have ordered twice and will order again. The are soft and silky feeling. Great product!


This was my second order and I truly love them! Keep up the great work ‘cause you’re doing amazing work for those of us with, in my case, slight, occasional bladder leaks that are really bothersome! You and your panties help out a great deal! Many, many thanks! 👍🤗🥰🫶🫶


they are so light weight and comfortable and the legs do not hurt


So comfortable. Way better than the paper ones!


Customer service is amazing. Initially, I ordered the wrong size and customer service was so courteous in helping me with my return and getting the right size to me. I would definitely recommend this product. Be sure to size down. Very high quality.


I already left a review on your customer service site. But I will say that the M fit me fine for a size 8 woman.


So far so good! Fit comfortably, wash up fine.


What surprised me was how lightweight they are. The leaks also just seem to evaporate very quickly. So far I have seen no indication that there will be breakthrough wetness. Wish I did not need this help, but this saves me money on disposable pads. Will buy more.


I was really unsure that these panties would even work, but I was fixing to have knee surgery, (and I’m practically totally incontinent) and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try, so I ordered 5 pair. There is no way I could ever tell you how wonderful these are! The panty itself is so soft, beautiful colors, and I have yet to soil myself or my clothes. They work!!! And they feel so completely comfortable under my clothes. I will be ordering more, getting rid of old ones that don’t work, wearing only these.


Such a relief not having to wear pads!! Words cannot describe. Wouldn'd be with out them,


They are exactly what i have been looking for!!


Nice material. Comfortable. 100% better than I thought. Finally feel relaxed!


Comfortable. Lightweight. Pretty pastel colors. And they work!!!


Best underwear for light to moderate leakage. The are comfortable and not bulky at all ; super absorbant and very soft. I absolutely love them


Comfortable, waterproof, not bulky. Great buy.


I love them the are comfortable plus they really work as far a leakage


They are very comfortable , fit perfectly, Wash well, and wear perfectly! I love them! I’m ordering more!


Such a pleasure to be able to go without any pads after decades of needing to wear them! No more annoying bunching and awful irritation of sensitive parts! I will never be without these.


Very comfortable. Size M is a little big. But still good. No accident yet so I can't review that.


These are very comfortable and well made. I also received them in a week or less. I would recommend this underwear.


I love my panties they are sooo comfortable and they are a life saver when I go out to dinner and shopping.


So far they are working great. No accidents yet.


I saw the video on instagram and decided to try it. They work very well and are very comfortable. I tried the pads but they irritated my skin so this is easier.


They keep moisture from leaking through to my clothing. This is very reassuring.


Exactly the underwear I expected and was looking forward to receiving. Size was perfect. I will be ordering again. Thank you!


I love them 😍! This was my 2nd order but I have to explain. My first order I washed (warm/cold reg. setting) which was fine but…..I dried them with a medium amount of clothing on high heat. Needless to say, I couldn’t get into them! Thankfully I just washed 3 pair so I had 2 left - thus the second order. I immediately washed the remaining 2pairs in cold/delicate and dried them on delicate for 10 minutes and then let them air dry completely. With my second order I washed 1 pair same as above but dried them for 20 minutes on delicate and everything worked out great. The panties fit great and I’m a total fan - keep up the great work and sell those oh-so-helpful panties! I’m telling friends!!! 🫶🫶


I ordered from another company and they did not even come close to fitting. Ya know xxl in oriental sizes. These are fitting perfectly! I love them so much I ordered more!! Thank you for making such a wonderful product that helps us ladies in this way!! Keeps embarrassing moments a thing of the past.


Love the panties and have already become dependent on wearing them every day. Had some issues with sizing but received excellent customer service!


Great fit and absorbency. Feels like you're not wearing any underwear at all. Best buy ever! Thank you!!


I love love love these panties & the freedom they give me! Freedom from pads & freedom from worry! They do exactly what was promised!


"Very comfortable & not bulky. Very protective. ❤️. I would highly recommend.



Love the panties. They work great. And your customer service is awesome too.


The panties are comfortable and effective for light to medium bladder leaks. A little expensive but worth the money.


I bought 3 different brands of these leak proof panties. These are by far my favorite. I love the colors, fit and they aren't so warm. They are simple and perfect. Thank you. I ended up ordering 3 more packages.


Very comfortable. No leaks.


Love them


I do truly love these panties.   They are comfortable with the lightness of the fabric. The size is perfect


Soft fabric, not what I expected, impressed with underwear when I experienced small leak from laughing!


These are the BEST!! I ordered 5 more. They fit great and absorb more than I thought they would. I wish I would have known about them years ago.


"Thank you everdries for helping women solve a very irritating problem. My panties not only catch the occasional dribbles but also controll the smell associated with it.


I also am very impressed with this company. I had a small problem with the waistband of one pair and they were replaced immediately! Now that is customer service!!


I am 5'4"", 138 pounds and my size small fit perfectly!"


I love them and they do a great job


Enjoying them very much. They work really well during the day for small leaks.


Love them, just ordered 5 more.


I love the panties. They are so much better than wearing a pad. Very comfortable and absorbent. They fit true to size. Would love to have them as shapewear.


"I now have the right size and can say they work well.

Rarely do I use a pad. Put a pair on first thing in the morning and then no worries!



Love the panties. Wore on vacation and felt protected with no bulk. Very comfortable.


I love my Everdries. They soft and very comfortable. These panties are a must have in my wardrobe.


"The Everdries are comfortable and attractive. I need a pad with them, but they are still fantastic. Thanks.



Very comfortable. No leaks at all. Love them.


Jess took good care of my issues with them and am totally satisfied now!


good fit and good service


"I first ordered XL, according to my waist measurement, I found that they were too large. I e-mailed and was sent size large and they are perfect. I have a thick waist, skinny bottom and skinny legs! They allow me to go about my business and not worry about leaking! I have donated the XL to our local women’s mission so someone else can feel confident again!


Brenda P"


I just started wearing "my" new underwear and I love it. I will be showing my teenaged grand daughter the ease and convenience of wearing no "period" pads. Luckily she wears the same size I do and I will be seeing her this weekend for "Mothers Day". I'll let you know what she thinks in about a month.


I’m liking them so far. I got my second 5 pairs in a smaller size as the XL are a little bigger then I thought. And yes I will reorder again. 😁


So Far So Good!!! It is so nice not to have to worry about a leak when I'm out & about. Love them @ home too! Keeps me from having to change clothes several times a day!   Thanx Everdries🙂


I love them they are soft and breathable the price is good too!


Love the panties but would like them in either all black or all white.


Love the colors and they fill soft n comfy. Holds leaks well... Thank you !!!


"First of all I like to thank you for changing the size for me. That was so easy. I do love the assorted colors & how soft they are. They also do the job it is meant to do! So thanks for making a wonderful product that makes us able to wear underwear again!



I love these and want to order more. I feel secure with them and they are nice panties.


They work great. I will order again when I can, but have to remember to size up. They were a bit tight and would roll down.


These are the best panties I’ve ever had to help with my over active bladder. They fit really nicely and the colors are just beautiful if I ever need more I will most definitely order more panties.


I bought others and they didn’t work and they felt like monsters. These really work and feel like you have real panties on. Thank you everdrives. Just ordered 10 more.


These panties are very comfy! Leaks don’t go through to my clothing or bed! The colors are great,but I would love a set of white!!!


Love the security of not leaking when Im exercising or walking my dog. I do still wear a pad with them but i love that the panty doesnt let it leak out on my clothes. I do wish they wear made from absorbant cotton. On hot days or when I sweat alot the back of the panty gets damp and have to change them. I still love them!


These underwear are an absolute life saver. I never have to worry about leaks. I’m so, so glad I tried them! They are the best!!


I love them. They give me the confidence to go about my day with no worries. The only suggestion I have would be an small inner absorbent layer.


Excellent customer service. They run large so order a size smaller. Soft and lightweight, will order again.


I really am impressed with the protection they give. They keep my skin dry and don’t feel bulky even after mild/moderate saturation. I am a size 12-14 and would consider trying a medium vs large size next time. Great product!


"I didn't think the panties would be so fabulous!

They DO NOT LEAK! I wear them with pads as well and they contain all the OOOPS. They are soft, lightweight, pretty, fit so comfortably, and I love them. Thank you for living up to all your promises!"


"The fit is perfect. So light and comfortable. Don’t even know I have panties on. They protect me from any kind of leak or problems that may occur in older ladies.

I would definitely order again. "


They worked great no leaks but I wish there were sold in a low rise brief I am short through the middle and have to roll the waistband down and if they had a thicker waistband would be perfect


1st of all customer service is amazing! The size I ordered didn't fit and they quickly resolved for me!! I haven't had them for long but my initial reaction is they're great. Very soft and comfortable. Its getting warm where I live so I am concerned about sweating more with the leak proof panel or excessive odor if I leak on a hot day. But I'll put these to the test gladly. So far so good!


Im so glad I saw your add on line. I had previously ordered from another company, but the panties were bulky and not comfortable. I love the panties I bought from your company. They fit well, are comfortable, they dont leak, retain their shape after washing, but I never put my undies in the dryer, so I dont know if they shrink after being placed in a dryer. The colors are nice also. After talking to my doctor, getting a prescription and wearing your panties, I can go anywhere with out any leakage.  


Love them so far. My only issue is the leg hole opening, it's way to tight. Everything else fits ok, like most underwear you need to break them in. I'll see how it goes, see if it loosens up but they did leave red dent marks & was uncomfortable sitting a long period of time. I think the way the leg hole opening is finished can be improved. Maybe I have bigger thighs but I was wearing my correct size. So we shall see


"I injured my back years ago and have flare ups at times. During these recurring occasions, my ability to control drips/leaks breaks down. I’ve been falling back on pads but these panties are my dream come true! They aren’t bulky and catch any liquid that threatens to escape! They are quick to wash and dry. Two days ago I gave them the ultimate test and went to the store without a pad and these panties stood the test. I was so happy and want to say thanks to Jess and her customer service team who are responsive and very helpful!

Thanks again! I’ll be back for more! "


Purchase XL. I WEAR 18 in pants. The sizing was perfect. I will order more in the future as I cycle out my underwear drawer. Thanks. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. 🙂


Fit is great. Very comfortable way of having extra protection, just in case!


Had a problem with the size...contacted the site and they responded quickly....sent me the correct size...I love them...I wore usually cotton but these are actually comfortable....they do have a crinkly sound until u put them on....oh yeah...get 2 size smaller than what u usually wear...I wear a medium...had to get the x small...


The fit is good. The description did not say high waisted but i am petite so they ride high for me. Will look for a mid rise style in the futre.


What a relief not to wear pads anymore! So comfortable and fits great! I also love that they are washer friendly.


I got my 5 pair and I love them. They are so much more comfortable then wearing depends. They fit me perfect and I will be ordering again!


"So far so good. Very comfortable!

Will you send a return form for the others that were too big."


I love them! Thank you!


I find I really do like the Everdries underwear. They are very comfortable and I don't need to worry about the urgent and slight accidents. At first I thought I was a bigger size but then I realized when I got them they were a little too big. You were kind enough to get me the next size down within a few which I really appreciate. The smaller size works perfectly and I am very happy with them.


"I love these underwear’s for they truly give me a peace of mind without the bulk of pads or adult pampers ( which still leaked ).


Everdries keep you dry, I would recommend this product to women who want a peace of mind when out and about. Try them you won’t be disappointed."


My order was a little tight, but I love the panties. It is wonderful to be able to not have to worry about leaks becoming a problem. I am 88 and feel confident when I go out now. Thank you.


"I have purchased 3 orders (15 pair) of Everdries. I wear them everyday. They are very comfortable and do not ride up from the bottom. Soft and smooth for under sung fitting pants. Very pleased. The only thing I would change is to buy them by color, my favorites, Black & Nude.

Carolyn L"


I'm very impress with this underware. They are comfortable and really do help with leaks. My only suggestion would be to change the size tag that is sewn inside. Maybe print the size on the back of the panties instead . Otherwise, I love them and am so glad that I saw your ad on Facebook.


"Quality is good and fit is good.

Launder very nice.

However, some days I have more than a 4 teaspoon leakage.

My error I didn’t read the entire ad.

It would be nice if it were feasible to add another line for people who have more than 4 teaspoons leakage."


Very comfortable and feel natural! Love the colors


"They are, soft and so very comfortable, and fit perfectly. In addition wearing a large, thick pad has become a thing of the past! I love them! Thank you for making them available!


If I had one suggestion it would be a package of soft muted colors like the tan and grey, rather than the bright colors. I’m rather old school I guess.




I just rec my order wore them one day and ordered 5 more pair.


Finally the correct size, wish they weren’t so high waisted


Very pleased with your product. They serve the purpose very well. Very comfortable.


"I was skeptical but THEY REALLY WORK! I wear an internal device AND a pad but the EVERDRIES PANTY catches the excess and I'M DRY!!!

I no longer fear a leaky accident, giving me confidence to dance and play pickleball without a worry. I can wear them to bed without a pad and I'm ""safe"" in the morning.

Thank You!!!"


These have given me more confidence when I go out! Love Them too! No more night time leakage.😍


"I have IBS actually as well as some leaking periodically. Surprisingly, these panties are much more light weight than I expected. This makes me feel support confident!

I can't think of how you could improve unless you included a nude color maybe? Very grateful! A tumor was discovered in my recent colonoscopy, not sure about my future health. So, this is one less thing to worry about."


I’m very happy with the product. Yesterday I wore them while running errands. It was great not having the bulky pad to deal with. Thank you for making such a comfortable and convenient alternative.


"Very nice product, comfortable to wear.

I ordered the wrong size to begin with and after I emailed them, was sent the perfect size at NO EXTRA CHARGE even though it was my mistake."


I really am very happy with my panties. I ordered the medium size first and found the legs a little too large, so I sent an email explaining my problem, and without missing a beat I was sent 10 more pairs of the next smaller size. Jess has followed up with emails to make sure I am comfortable with my new panties. I cannot believe how great the customer service is. I love everything about these panties the silkie feeling reminds me of years gone by, when I was young. I will be 94 next birthday. Thank you Everdries!


"I LOVE my Everdries . I have never been to confident when I go out as I am when I am wearing them. they fit perfect and are very comfortable.

Best panties I have every purchased

Thank you, Jesse, for having such a beautiful and sensible panty. "


"I very rarely write reviews because I’m not easily impressed! This is definitely the exception!

Could not be more pleased with these panties - the fit is excellent, and they are fairly sheer and very comfortable. I was concerned that they would not contain the leaks, because of the thinness, but - wow - delighted again! I’ve already ordered more to replace all of my old stuff!

Customer service is also amazing - kept well informed on order status all the way to “delivered.”  

Emailed customer service with one question and received a reply within a couple of hours.

Excellent company - excellent product!"


I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE my everdries‼️‼️‼️‼️I am going to buy MORE. They comfortable, pretty colors & true to holding any drips!


Absorbent when you need it! They do run big but would rather big than too small. Feel a little bit like wearing a diaper and make a bit of a rustling sound when you walk. Overall happy with my purchase.


"Really enjoying the panties. Was so tired of the disposable kind. These are not bulky and fit fine just like regular panties. Do the job just as well.



I have tried Speaks, Knix, and several others and none have compared to Everdries. I have so many pair that I can't justify buying any more but I wish I could have started with yours and I would have been done. They are perfect for me..they hold all I would ever need and they are so light that can wear them with my tightest jeans. Thank you!


Love these panties! I have fecal inconvenience. On bad days I wear them over Depends fir extra security. It’s embarrassing enough but I feel more confident wearing them. I’m hypervigiliant with this problem. Followed medically hope for resolution. Thank you also for understanding my mistake. I have donated the others to a women’s shelter. I’m happy to find a reputable company that has great customer service. Pat Fey


I have moderate leakage, so I wear mine with a pad, but it gives me confidence that I won't have "an accident" with wet clothing Wore them on a 3 day trip with no worries!


This is my first experience with what I call pee pee panties. They are beautiful and I feel very confident wearing them. I wish they came in a larger size because I am a little larger than the largest size.


I found them to be true to size. I wore them to my next work out session and my leakage was contained in the panties. No more embarrassing wet spot on my shorts. I love the sheerness of the panty….not bulky which I love.


I like to be able to live in comfort and not being embarrassed for a urine leakage


"Excellent, love them, just like regular underwear. Soft and light weight.

Pretty colors. Very comfortable. "


The panties are great! They wick any moisture away from you and keep the moisture in. The panties do run large in size. I ordered the wrong size initially but Everdries sent me the correct size to replace them.


I LOVE how lightweight they feel compared to another brand I ordered where they feel like I am wearing a diaper!!! They only regret I have is they don’t hold as much “liquid” as I would like! Need to make a super leakproof panty and still keep it lightweight.


I certainly want to share I love them I feel safe , discreet, comfortable, soft and personally I love the colors , I should have went a size smaller , but they are awesome so it’s all great .. nice to feel comfortable in my jeans !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I’m loving them! I got what I wanted this time, large with the gray crotch! I will order more in the new future. They work perfect for me since I sweat a lot living in Florida 😁


I really like them. Very comfortable


Love these. Fit is perfect. Peace of mind over leaks.


My name is Barbara. I ordered these because I sometimes feel an urgent need to go. Currently traveling in the Mediterranean and feel confident while sightseeing. The email is addressed to my husband but I ordered Everdries


They fit well and are very comfortable. Add to my confidence knowing I'm going to stay dry throughout the day whether I am coughing or laughing!


I absolutely love these panties. They are so comfortable and absorbent, and they look and feel like regular underwear. I will plan buy more, and I have been recommending them to my family and friends.


I really like them,the only complaint I have is the waist line belt,it needs to be wider the way it is it kinda is uncomfortable.


Finally decides to give them a try and they are working good so far, I have only tried them 3 times so far but so far so good. They do have a little ruffly sound if you’re getting ready and listen but once pants are on you can’t hear a thing. I got the size the size chart said and they fit good. I would recommend to anyone skeptical of trying.


I haven’t done the pee test yet 🤪 we are going on a long trip and will be glad to have them ‘


"Love them. Very comfortable and convenient



I’m very pleased with my panties. They’re light, comfortable and very “non diaper like”. They run a little large compared to regular. I had to change sizes and Everdries customer service was excellent and fast!


"I love the fact they are light weigh and very comfortable to wear all day.

Would recommend to anyone who needs a little protection."


"I purchased these panties for my sister and they did not disappoint.

Great product!!!"


From reading the information about them, to ordering, to wearing them, I had a great experience. They arrived quickly, and I have left my house confident and secure, knowing I was covered. Thank you!


These panties are very comfortable and fit well. Very happy with this purchase.


I love these. So glad I ordered them. They work exactly as advertised. When I re-order I’m going to go down a size. Very pleased with the product and will recommend them to my sisters.


I ordered the Xs but the order stated xxs. I quickly brought the error to everdries’s attention and the correction was made. I didn’t need to send the other order back!!! That was great! Thanks. The underwear fits perfectly and I really like the colors. Very comfortable because I sit on a mobility scooter all day everyday. I am a post polio survivor and am pleased with the panties.


Love them! I had ordered the medium size, but they were too big. I requested an exchange for the small size and they fit perfectly. They are comfortable and work so well for the unexpected "issues". I was getting ready to buy pads, but am so glad I saw the Everdries and decided to try them. Your customer service to send me the correct size was prompt. I did donate the medium and I know whoever receives them will love them too. Thank you again for this wonderful product.


I just tried Everdries and am completely committed to them! I’m 73 and am just now experiencing incontinence. I saw an ad and decided to try these. After wearing them for 3 days, I ordered another 5-pack so I always have a clean pair to wear. They work exactly as advertised and feel like regular underwear. I’m thrilled to have found something that actually works and is as comfortable as everyday underwear!


Beautiful material, excellent fit and so well made. Washes perfectly. Love the colors. Fantastic price.


Love the item but I overestimated my size


"I love these! They are light weight and so comfortable but do the job. Will definitely purchase more in the future!!



I ordered an L based on the feedback that they run large. They were too tight in the leg, so I reached out for an XL and am very pleased with them. I asked about returning the L and was very surprised that I didn't need to send them back. Customer service is above and beyond what I have ever experienced and I am very impressed with the care and service of this great company. Thank you!


I love these Everdries panties. Very comfortable and leakage doesn't get through and run down my let, especially when wearing nylons. I am glad I purchased them and wear them everyday. Thank you so much for making these.


Love them. Just wish I could order just black.


I absolutely love these panties. I’m 66 and have some health issues. Just started having badder issues. These give me confidence that I can go out in public and know I’ll be able to make it to the bathroom. They are silky feeling almost. They are high waisted, and comfortable. I too would like a little wider waist band but they fit great. They run a bit large so make sure you check your size. The best purchase I’ve ever made.


First time I ordered and am not sorry at all. They are wonderful. Only these from now on.


Love them so much I ordered a second set!!


Wow, how comfortable and confident I feel wearing them. Easy to wash and pretty colors. I will order again but in the next size down, just a bit loose. Thank you for a wonderful product that works and makes me feel comfortable going anywhere! 😊 Looking forward to new colors!


No more granny panties. No baby panties. Wonderful


I had tried these a little over a year ago. I also tried a couple of different brands. Ever dries are the most comfortable, absorbent, and, look like normal panties. I promptly reordered 10 more pairs. Love, love, love.


I absolutely love these panties. I am reluctant to thow them in the dryer! I understand they do well in the dryer.


I really like this product! I have tried a few other brands and tolerated would have been my best description. Everdries are soft and comfortable to wear. They dry/absorb quickly after a leak with no smell so you do not need to change them frequently; and the colors are great. I will be purchasing more.


I have only had these panties for a week but truly love them. They are comfortable, beautiful, and very absorbent, just as advertised. I have M.S. and incontinence is a terrible problem, but I don't worry any more because of your product. Thanks.


Love these!! They don't look like Granny panties at all. Very sheek


Fit just right! Don’t feel any difference in these than ordinary panties! Twice for me and my daughter!


I love so far but wet within like pee on myself, do think it would jold lots of water because some I pee on my self but other then I love them  


"Very happy with my fist orderr.So nice not to have to wear a panty liner. -




I really love them but wish I would have bought a larger size but they wash great and are comfortable except for my waist but that is ok. next time I order I will have lost a few lbs.


Product is very good. Underwear does what I needed it to do. Thanks


These panties do what is advertised. They are comfortable also. I have ordered twice from them


I love these panties they fit well, they are easy to clean and they work well for leaks. Plus their pricing is great.👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️


"Wasn't sure these would work for me. I have had Axionics

installed but still have slight leaks. These are great. No more uncomfortable pads and I have had slight leakage but no flow thru. They truely keep you dry.


Haven't washed then yet but am washing them tonight."


I love this product and I will order from you again. Highly recommend this product.


"So far, so good! I ordered the large because of the size suggestions, but they were too large. I asked about their return policy, and they said to just donate them. And then they sent me the mediums!

I have not washed them yet,( I bought two sets)

Give them a try; very good quality, no bulkiness, and a great company to work with!"


"Surprised at how well they fit! So far they have done the job well.



They are very comfortable. There is no bulk anywhere. Feel and look like regular underwear. Getting ready to order some more.


Like these panties very much. They seem to do the job very nicely and do not show through my close. Also, the customer service is excellent. Happy I bought them


I love them. The fit is perfect and the protection they give is great. I just washed the first pairs that I had worn, they washed just fine in cold water & I hung them to dry. I will probably order 5 more pairs.


So far so good. I should have ordered a size smaller. If they work out as I hope they will I will place another order.


Fit and feel terrific! They “do the job “!!


I love them but they are larger than I estimated.


I like them but wish they had more cotton in them


I love these panties! My first order was a little small. So they sent me the right size and It can right away. They fit perfectly and keep me dry all the time. I was so tired of wearing pads all the time I was going crazy. The company is just the best they will help you get just what you need. I highly recommend these panties!!


Love this underwear , great coverage area . Great for the “old lady bladder issues” I have . I actually got a five pack and liked them so much I ordered 2 more 5 packs . Great product .


It really helps me when I am not home and have a glass of wine and I need to get to a restroom quickly and sometimes I can’t. These panties are a life saver!!


I bought two bundles and like how well they contain urine spots. I wish the band was wider at the waist, they were cotton and that you had some sort of odor control


They work very well when I am home. When I go somewhere, I wear a pad also. And at night I wear a pad.


Love them this is my 3rd order.


Love the panties. Work great.


I love the panties but my problem is the size. I ordered a large but it's not large enough for me so they are not comfortable I think I need an extra large.


Really comfortable fit. The sizing is correct, I wasn’t sure about going a size down but glad I did!   Thank you


I had ordered XLG and was sent XS they exchanged them with no problem. I love them!!!


I LOVE THESE! No more panty liners, even at night!


These panties are great and they perform exactly as they should. I love them; the way they’re made and the way they feel. Thank you for coming up with this idea; oh, and they’re affordable.


Would like a little more absorbency for heavier days. Otherwise great fit comfortable and no leaks.


Well made and a very good service!


They are really comfortable and I'm not changing clothes 5 or 6 times a day. Thank you so much for making these underwear.


Perfect fit and not to tight in the legs. Soft and wash well. Highly recommend.


"Love these panties. Very comfortable. Being older and having accidents are very embarrassing but not anymore, these are great. Love them and will be ordering more.



I tried them right after I received my order. The colors are beautiful, they are super soft, and I feel protected. Thank you for checking to see what I think about them.


I like these. They make me feel more confident and secure. I ordered an XL and probably should have gotten a L. They are a bit bigger than I expected. My next order will be a large.


I have just ordered my third set. The grey lining hold up better than the white lining. Glad to have found a company online that is reputable and has great customer service.


"Love these panties — they feel cool, leaks are contained, and overall nice to wear. I liked my first 5 pair so much I ordered another 5.

My only negative is that because they don’t breathe sweat builds up as well, which is not fun when exercising"




What a great product! My order came quickly. They fit perfectly. True to size for me. I wear a size 18 in jeans and got the 2X size. No sweaty damp feeling during my day. They really exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended


They fit and work well. Excellent customer service!


Nice fit, absorbent area is good sized, comes up high enough in the front, soft material


Have tried several brands...these are the BEST.


"What a difference! I feel like a woman again. It is Terri le to experience this but to know you are wearing regular, nice underwear is just the inner confidence that helps face the days challenges with confidence. They are wonderful



Very happy with them.😊


"Everdries works wonderful I really didn't think they would thank you so much



Luv them they give me the extra security i needed... only problem is i over estimated my size so were bigger than i needed.. but i can mange but wish they were a bit smaller....... thaxs


Fabulous product, well made. Shipped quickly and customer service was definitely above and beyond.


"Absolutely love mine. Like the leg room. Not tight. Very comfy.

First ones I must have ordered wrong size, so I reordered. I was happy to hear that another ladies didn't fit so she donated to women's shelter.

Wonderful 😊😊😊😊

Sondra C."


I love my Everdries! Definitely a great purchase.


I've tried several different brands of this type of panty and I like yours best. They're comfortable and seem to do the job as far as absorbency is concerned. I recommended them to my friends.


They fit wonderfully. I love the style and the fabric. Thank you so much!❤️


I’m so excited about these panties. They are fantastic. I like some have a little more than a dribble so I wear a pad too but if the pad overflows I don’t worry about my outside pants showing I did. They are wonderful. I did get size too big I ordered a large should have gotten medium I don’t have much in the backside but a friend of mine can use them. She loves them too. Thank you so much for making these they are great quality I love that they come up higher on the waist I’m not good with low waist lol. But I recommend them to everyone with or without a dribble problem. Thank you thank you thank you. Love love love these forever friend/fan mw


The panties are great good fit and it is wonderful that wearing pads is in the past. Thank you for a great product.


Loved the product. So much better than pads. Fit really well and go through wash well


They work great! No leaks !! Amazing.. still can’t figure out where the wetness goes???


I absolutely love the feel. The comfort they create versus wearing pads of any kind is amazing. Its not just the fabric but the confidence I feel when I wear them is amazing. Thank you so much


I love your product but you’re correct in that I should have ordered small as they run a little big. I plan to order another pack in the next couple months. I wish you much success as you have a great product.


My 92 year old Mother loves them. I have bladder cancer and every time I have to have a procedure I end up with a UTI and so I ordered a 5 pack for myself. They are great. The only thing I would change is the waist band. I would make it wider. Thank you.


Received my order in a timely fashion. Love them. They fit well and they are very comfortable. I’ll definitely buy more.


"I loved these from the moment I put them on! Fit and feel wonderful. I had a large accident and nothing leaked through. They wash up nice and hang dry quickly.

Thank you for making a quality product that makes me feel good and put the pep back in my step! "


I’m going to love them once I get to wear them. I have to wait till after Dr appt


At first I thought that this wasn’t going to work because the fabric is so thin. To my great surprise it worked, there was no leakage! These pansies are light and very comfortable! I highly recommend them.


Fast shipping, fits perfect. Very good coverage. Feel so much better than having to wear a panti liner. I love the five pair I purchased and might just buy five more.


The underwear is really great. I have no problem with fit or any leaks. The only thing I have to get used to is that they are high waist size panties. I usually wear bikini or just above the hips.


I was at first, skeptical. However, I am 87 years young and decided to make my life easier. So, I checked the reviews and ordered a package of five in size large. The measurements were slightly smaller than my usual size(9). When they arrived, I was happy that I had purchased the smaller size. They fit perfectly. There is no bulging of pads. And, theate a perfect fit. They do the job and I have had no accidents. I just purchased another set of five. Why did it take so long to manufacture these? I am thrilled beyond belief!


Love the material and fit. Very comfortable and affordable. Easy to wash and maintain.


Somewhat skeptical when ordering, but these panties are just wonderful! Soft, comfy and no show under clothing. Personally, I would prefer to be able to order lighter colors, as I wear a lot of white. Next order will be one size smaller, but these panties are a godsend!


This is my second try at incontinence panties, and I'm sold on yours. I am on chemo just now, and occasional drips are part of every day. I wear these with great confidence. I am so pleased that I have recommended them to all the women in both my oncology and family physician's offices. They were all impressed, and I hope (suspect?) your sales may go up from these recommendations.


I had ordered panties from another company and I hated them. They didn’t come in right size. What did fit shrunk after I washed them. I just wasn’t happy. I hated to try any others but I saw these from everdries and ordered them. The size fit perfect. They are comfortable and work great. They washed up well in the laundry. I am very happy with my order of 5 pair. Thank you!!!


As nearly everyone has said these are nice panties for occasional and light leaks. Look like regular panties and have no crinkled sounds to them as others do. Over all happy with my purchase.


"I love knowing I can go anywhere without the worry!  

These are so worthwhile, if you're afraid they won't work, give them a try, you will be happily surprised!"


Love them. Just order some more.


I ordered a small at first. They were a little big on me but I could wear them. The second time I ordered a extra small and they fit perfectly. They are so comfortable. They fit like a regular pair of underwear. No more bulk which I got from a pad. Thank you for knowing what we need and making it.


Comfortable and fit exactly right. Peace of mind feels great! I noticed a small swishy sound walking around but disappeared as soon as I dressed. Great product!


After I got right size I love them thank you


"Love these undergarments. They are comfy, quick drying, and keep odors away too. I had to get used to the inner panel but now that I have .... love them. It sure beats having to use feminine or leak guard liners. These panties are earth friendly because of not needing the extra liners etc.


I tend to sweat a lot when outside in the heat, these catch the sweat too so that there is no obvious wet strip going down my bum. If for nothing else this is an ideal product to use just for that."


"I have tried a different brand of pee panties. They were bulky and showed through my outfits. I like the size of the protected area. These are lightweight but do a good job of protection. No leaking to the clothing.



"I ordered your panties while I was in rehab due to two surgeries on my hip & femur. They are superb. They work just like they’re said to work. I ordered the wrong size & they sent the new size out immediately no questions asked. They are true to size but I figured I’d go bigger just in case. No need to. They wash up so great & dry fast. I hang them to dry although they say you can put in dryer. When I dried them in the dryer, they appeared to get very wrinkly. I still wore them but they still sent a replacement. Let me tell you ladies, you can’t go wrong with these everdries panties. They do what their advertising says. No false advertising. And, you feel more comfortable & worry free from leaks at inopportune times. I love this product & will continue to use. In fact, I tell all my friends about them. You just can’t go wrong with these everdries panties. They are truly the best product on the market today. What do you have to lose except for less leaks.



I like the panties , I wish they would come in other colors. I like variety, and I also would rather have more of a hip, just a little bit shorter than the full waist it or high waisted but otherwise, I do like the comfort, and I do like the white lining part thank you I will be ordering some more.


I like how thin the product is. I don’t feel like I am wearing a diaper.


Love the panties, just bought another 5. FYI, I wanted to try your panties because of the quiet when walking, no leak, comfortable fit. However, you should know that I have rectal incontinence and I just refuse to wear bulky items. These, I am happy to say, are great for my limited fluid loss, and I am thoroughly ready to recommend to them others walking in my shoes!


"They are very comfortable. They wZ well.

Very pleased "


I really like these panties. There is no embarrassing leak through on exercise equipment in the gym. The colors are great


I really like them. I just wish you had some bikini type styles. Not so grannie panty-ish.


Very comfortable. Feels like I am wearing regular underwear. No heavy padding or thickness. Enjoying all the different colors.


My first order was the XL and once I tried them on (they were just a teeny bit big) I reordered and got 5 Large and they fit a little better. They don’t feel like my regular high-cut panties but they do the job at night which is why I purchased them. Thank you!


"An excellent product!!!! There are so many out, however, for me, these are the best! Cool, comfortable, and protective!!! Give them a try, you won't be sorry!!! I've ordered 10 pair so far!! Customer service is wonderful, quick, and efficient!



Ordered a second. Batch. Very comfortable. Fits with no slack.


I love your panties so much that I ordered and received my second set . They are so comfortable and they do conceal leakage. Thank you so much and I wear them all day. Love the feel and colors.


Loved these so much, I ordered more! They are comfortable AND eco friendly...definitely a win-win.


Excited to try these panties. Tired of wearing pads. I would like to see an option for a slightly less high waist. I am expecting my second order in a smaller size any day.


This is Roberts wife, he ordered the panties for me. I absolutely love them and will order more.


Loved the panties, material was comfortable. Super tested them and was amazes at the absorbentry. No leak thru. Your policy to correct size order was wonderful


OMG the incontinence underwear came just in time. I didn’t know that I was going to fall down the stairs and crush my right ankle requiring surgery and severely sprained my left ankle. I can’t hardly bear weight at all and have been using the everdries every day since accident. They have made my life so much easier because I can’t get to the bathroom quickly and am leaking all the way there. They protect just as promised. Love them. Thank u so very much for this great product. It works!!!


I am really happy with these. They are smooth, comfy, and fit great. I forget that they are supposed to be "special". They are just like regular panties. I will be ordering more.


"I love these panties

They are the best things fit perfectly

Thank you for getting me out of the depends

My fella loves them too on me lol

Thank you so much"


I am sixty-six and have been looking for a way to feel more secure in general about my leaks, which admittedly are unpredictable and usually small, but annoying and frustrating, nonetheless. After looking into alternatives to pads, I decided to try these, as they are designed for this purpose, and not a catch-all solution. I don’t need period pants-I’m way past that, so those don’t interest me. These are perfect. I can relax, and not worry about ruining clothes, or having to bring pads everywhere. My only suggestion, if you love these, is to buy several sets, because they are hang-dry, and if you want to set up a system where you never run out, and aren’t waiting around for them to dry, it’s good to have some in reserve. All good here, and very grateful. I’m about 5’ 3.75,” around 130, and a typical medium. I ordered a small. I had no issues with the leg openings, and I’m a biker, so my thighs are big. Everything fit well!


I like them a lot, my only complaint is that one of was very small, all the others fit perfect


"These pantries are very comfortable, they do not feel like a bulky bunch. Love the mesh material and the colors. I will be ordering more.

Michelle S."


I never thought I would need anything like this, but unfortunately health issues had other plans. I was really shocked when I opened them, and wore my first pair. I am so grateful to find something that's not like wearing a diaper. They work great and are comfortable! Thank you for coming up with a product that really works.


I was skeptical but decided to give this product a try. I am so glad that I did. These panties are great!!


I just love these panties. They are well-made, comfortable, stylish and absorb leaks. I am about to order my second bundle!


Finally, no leaking worries! Thank you 😊


"I was hesitant to buy the Everdries.   Mostly because of the price.   But, I figured I spent so much on feminine pads and time involved in changing my clothing too, also lots of money on other underwear promises.   So I took a chance and bought the Everdries.   I have NEVER been so happy about my underwear before.   These are the best and well worth any amout.  

The only thing I might change would be maybe a wider band for wasteband.  

Thanks Jess for figuring out this problem all women have at one time or another.

Gail Feitsma "


"I have to say these are the real deal. They do everything they claim .

Love them"


They are very comfortable...probably could have ordered a smaller size, but then, you know, might have been too tight....for my every day drips they are perfect, but discovered one night that I had slept too soundly and when did wake the panties were not enough to hold the amount of urine I expressed.....so for every day, I love them, but still need either a more absorbant pantie or a big pad....


I love everdries for travel! I feel safe with them on


They really work. I love them.


"I bought these for my mom and she loves them!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful product.



I was very skeptical about ordering them. When they cam wish was very quick nd packaging was great. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! Will be getting more! They feel dry all day. Did I say I Love Them!


"Love them, game changer for sure. Feel great and love the colors. Feel very secure in public.

Thank you"


Love them leak proof. Comfortable and wear like underwear and no one knows .conven might order some more.


"I truly love them and was shocked how well they work and nice they fit. I had to go down a size but like them   I feel like the Xsan are great but because I am still learning to trust them and wear a pad with them so up a size made sense. This saves so much money and bulk under clothing. At last I feel like a woman again



Just started using Everdries and I’m very happy with the product! I appreciate the lack of bulk and the absorbency. Very comfortable and fill my needs perfectly. Thanks!


I have recommended these to many people! My only wish, is that they had a long leg bicycle short version for those of us when have chubby legs!


How freeing! I get the protection I need without the bulk of an adult diaper. I’m so glad I found these.


I like these panties a lot: comfortable, good fit, and not at all bulky. They also handle “leaks” as advertised. My one request is that the be offered in pastel colors. Thanks for a great product!


I have urge incontinence and sometimes leak before I make it to the bathroom. I’ve tried 3 different brands of panties and these are the only ones that have worked to keep my outer clothes dry. They looked big but they fit great and are comfortable. I just wish you had an all white or beige set to wear under white pants and capris.


Love the material, colors and fit. Very comfortable and affordable. Easy to wash and maintain.


Very comfortable and hold on all leaks with no outdoor. Love them!


Very comfortable and fit great. I’m glad I bought them.


"Absolutely love them. Fit is perfect. Have had no leakage. Tried other brands and found all disappointing


Will highly recommended these to my friends "


I love these panties. They do what they are advertised to do and fit well. I am 73 and a large person, so fit has been hard. I have tried a couple of others, but these are the best.


I have now bought 3 packs of your Everdries Panties. I just love them because they make me feel confident. They run a little big so please be prepared to read details. Read other reviews from others. I like mine so much that I told my friends and now they will start buying. Also read carefully their return policies.


Love these panties. Very comfortable non binding. Personally I thought they ran a little small. I had to reorder to the next size.


I like them and would order again.


I love them.Wish they were a little heavier.


I love how comfortable these panties are. I really put them to the test ( by accident) on the second day I had them. Recommended them to my sister!! Will buy again!!


Love them. Haven't worn under panties for years but these are very comfortable & really work. Feel confident with them & going to order 5 more.


"Love that they are light weight,thin...but great protection. I purchased another brand ...yours are far superior!

Feels like every day undies.

Thank you"


Everdries are light and comfortable. I ordered XXX because I wasn't sure what size to order but they fit perfectly.


These panties are so pretty, and a good fit. They are comfortable and don’t show through my clothes. I have recommended them to several women who need something with less bulk. They hit the mark! Thanks!


They are great and true to their product…no leaks and no smell. It’s wonderful to feel free again and not have to wear pads.


I really like them. They actually work as the ad says. They do not make my bottom sweat like others. I ordered a L next time it will be XL.


I really like them. Think I need large next time. The legs are a little tight. Not so much they are uncomfortable but will up my size next time. They are very nice material, wash and dry well.


They’re great. Very comfortable


"I'm liking these panties very much. I'm 75 years old and occasionally have a leak when out and about. I really feel way more confident that nothing will show on the outside of my clothes. The panties could have a bit more elestastic in the waistband but overall are just perfect with no bulkiness.

I'm very pleased with this product and tell my older sister and good friends about them."


I like the product very much. Very comfortable and non binding. I would also enjoy a slightly lower waist line. I normally don't wear a full size brief. Great selection of colors.


"Finally a product that does what clams .

Very comfortable . Customer service is great. I would highly recommend this company ."


The panties fit well and they do not leak. You can feel comfortable while wearing. I plan to order some more.


I ordered a medium and they were too big, I sent an email and they replaced them with a small. Customer service was great! The small fit perfectly. Thank you! Will definitely be ordering more.


Purchased a set of 10 ordering size 3x. My usual size for pants is 2x. These fit wonderfully. I found great quality in these undies. So happy I took a chance and ordered these. Thank you.


What a wonderful fit. The material is very good 👍.


I love them!! So comfortable. They work great too!


I like the everdries so much. I wish I would have had them when I was younger. As I am older now I love that the ever dries catch those inadvertent sneeze dribbles. And a GI tract that has urgency issues! So thank you for an amazing product! I will be buying more!


I love my Everdries! They fit beautifully. Very pleased.


I am wearing them but still use an incontinent pad. They catch any leak that the pad doesn't. It does make me feel much more secure when out and about. I knew they were not going to solve my issue completely, but they do make a difference.


Fit is very good. Easy wash and dry. The first day I went through three of them, because even with a teaspoon of urine leakage, I felt I needed to change it. No leakage outside of the panty. I am trying to go longer now along with frequently heading to the toilet until I really trust them.


Finally a regular pair of underwear without having to put a bulky pad in. My first order did not fit properly and this company actually sent me my order again with the correct size. It was suggested I donate the original ones that didnt fit. So I donated them to a nursing home down the street from me. Now that is a company that stands behind their products. Thank you a million times for making me feel normal again.


They are true to size and fit well unlike others I have bought. Good quality.


These panties fit so nice you can hardly feel them. I lucked out and ordered the correct size, so no returns needed.   I like them mainly because they cover a big area for leakage. But I got so used to wearing a pad that I still use a thin one!!! They came in nice colors also.


I still have to use pads at night with them . Would love for you to make some that holds twice as much as these do.   They do exactly what they say . But I need something for major incontinence.


When I found these wonderful panties, I had been looking around for a while. Some of the ones I looked at were really expensive (nearly $40 or more a pair) I decided to try these as they looked really good and the price was right (around $10 a pair). I was a little worried about going cheaper, but these panties are great. Lightweight, comfortable, good fit and do the job they were designed for. I recommend that you give them a try, I think that you will be glad that you did.


I am very happy with the choice I made. I do need to wear a pad, because my flow is heavy and I feel better with than without.


I truly love this product. They are comfortable and I can barely tell they aren’t regular panties. And the customer support is awesome. I ordered a size too small and they fixed it 24 hours. Can’t beat that.


I love the product! Had to go down a size but then I was happy. The tag is an aggravation and unnecessary. In the future you should put in directions for washing and longevity. Keep up the good work!


I am using them for another reason. The panel that come up the back will be beneficial in aiding me for an occasional accident due to irritable bowel syndrome. So far I have not had the need to test the absorption rate but I am confident that they will work. They are very comfortable.


I love the panties! The fit and comfort are like no other I have tried. The customer service is beyond belief! The guarantee is real, people! Although I still wear a thin pad with them, they are perfect to prevent wet clothing due to any "overflow." Thank you for a wonderful experience.


I love that I can wear them with confidence during the day but need a pad for nighttime as I leak a little more when asleep.


"I love them. I wish I would have kept my true size so they are a little big. I bought some like these that came from an Asian country, I knew their sizing is always much small than the actual size so instead of an XL I ordered a 5XL and they were still too small.

The only thing I would like is if you would sell packages of one color. I prefer nude. I'm 67 and don't go in for the bright colors."


Really like these - very comfortable and wish I ordered the 10 pack at the discounted price.


"I love these, I haven't worn underwear in years & only wear these at night, cause when I wake up in morning is when I leak before I can make it to bathroom. But they work & I will not buy diapers for myself yet, so I bought 2 sets of these! Like another lady would like for them to make bikini type. I would recommend them, it's just wearing underwear!! ❤️‍🩹



So comfortable and hold up to what was stated about them. Will be ordering more.


I ordered the medium the first time. They fit but seemed a little big. I then ordered the small and they fit a lot better. They are very absorbent and dry quickly. They wash well. I have not had any problems since I purchased them. Definitely would recommend them.


So far, so good. I love these panties, they look & feel so good.


"I ordered size based on measurements but they were a bit too small. I emailed that fact to them and the items were replaced at once with the larger size. Incredible customer service. The new ones fit great and I love wearing them. I love the amount of liner coverage. I will definitely purchase again.



"I really like them!! The outer fabric is the same as the previous brand of panties I wear. I love how the inner fabric(s) keep wetness away from my skin without the bulk. I was getting a mild diaper rash from my pads. That’s gone now.


I really like that they are offered as a full brief and not just bikinis or other panty styles. The wide crotch is important when trying to stop leaks as well. I’m a large lady and I want coverage! Everdries came through.


My only critique is the the photos on the ads show a panty with a wide waistband. It is possible in the manufacturing process that the 4XL size (my size) is not made with it. I do prefer a wider waistband/elastic on my undies. I think it sturdier and stays put better. This is just a personal preference. The undies are great for what I need—leak protection!


They panties also wash up nice! I didn’t notice any odors going in and coming out of the laundry. It proves that odors are locked well in the liner. This is a BIG win over pads!


This was a very good investment!!




So far these undies are working. I haven't had a big enough accident to know for sure. They fit fine. I like that the size was correct.


"Ordered the same size as my normal pants size and fit perfectly.

Have been using for 2 weeks now and will confirm these hold a good amount with no embarrassing leaks onto clothes.

They washed well

I do feel that they make the slightest bit of noise as I am walking, but realistically not enough to matter.

Will buy again "


Was skeptical but wanted to see if they really worked! YES they do! Fit perfectly. Were very comfortable and I’m very happy with them. Will buy more soon!


I love them.They save me a lot of embarrassment. They don’t leak. They absorb the liquid and don’t feel wet.


I ordered large because I ordered medium from another company and they are tight. These large were much too large and the company graciously replaced them with medium. The mediums are still large on me and the waist is very high. I will order small next time and see if they fit better. I like them and the fact that they can be washed and dried with regular laundry. Thank you Jess at everdries.


Love the underwear! They are very comfortable and easy to take care of. Thanks for exchanging them for a smaller size without me having to return the other set to your company! Saved me money on shipping! Great job!


"Panties fit well, soft, no leaks, so glad I found you!


SydelSinger "


Love the feel of the fabric. These are the first panties that fit me comfortably which is a big deal since I'm a larger size. Thank you.


I'm usually disappointed when ordering anything from the internet, but I took a chance on these, and I am very satisfied! They are soft and comfortable-don't even feel like you are wearing underwear! And they don't rub me raw as other leak proof panties have done. Best of all, they work! They absorb any liquid, and the material next to your skin stays dry. I ordered the same size I wear in regular panties and they fit perfectly! Highly recommend!


Fabulous product. I ordered large but the waist band was too tight and thin so contacted everdries support and the XLS are on their way - no problem 😉


"I was pleased to get them and even more pleased to find they were a fantastic fit. Very comfortable to wear and just like normal panties without the bulkiness.

I have yet to have a full accident to test them out but for the little accidents they are fantastic. Thank you."


Love these


I love these undies! I’ve tried others and these are so much better. They’re not thick and bunched up. I’ve ordered twice, replaced all the others.


"I feel free,no more a panty full of liners. Do’s pantys are the best ! I know I will order more in the future! I can’t get over how light the are plus I can wore my leggings with out worry.

I’m in love with my pantys ,thank you everdries.!!"


"I'm very satisfied with the Everdries. The only suggestion I can make is that the binding on the legs is a little too tight, there is no give, and it can be a little uncomfortable. The size I ordered fit fine.

I will still order more in the future.



I've tried several brands of "leakproof panties" and Everdries are the best so far.


These fit true to size and fell like normal panties. They are NOT bulky and keep me dry all day - LOVE THEM AND


Received my pack of 5, perfect fit. Love them so much ordered another pack of 10. Very comfortable and makes me feel confident everyday. Thankyou.


Love them thry feel good to wear and no worries about leakage is great. Would lice to dee these in hi rise


Impressed with the fit and comfort. They work well absorbing the small leaks.


I purchased one size of the Everdries panties and while I could get them on, I felt that they were too small.   I contacted the company and they offered to send me a brand new order of the next larger size free of charge. What a guarantee!   I got the new size and they fit just perfectly, and I am really enjoying the confidence that I have in wearing them and having on leakproof underwear!


They are comfy and really hold a lot of liquid. Very satisfied


This is my second set of 5 because I love them! Just enough to hold moisture and they are comfortable to wear. I almost went up to 2 women at the grocery store that were looking at pads but I held back. I told the intake nurse at my Dr’s office about them and she said thanks for the information and will pass it on. Thank you for an excellent product and making me feel “normal “ again.


"I really do like these very much. They are a little baggy on me so I will have to try the next size down when I reorder.

It is a great product and takes a lot of stress away from worrying

Thank you"


They are comfortable & light weight to wear. I love the color selection, quite cheerful. It is nice that the padding extends all the way up the back. Nice product. 😀


I bought these for my 89-year-old mother who has mild incontinence. She loves them!


The panties are great ware them to bed.


I’m so happy I decided to buy these panties. They are not thick and bulky so they are very comfortable and they wash really well. My only suggestion would be that you offer them in parcels of 1 colour as well as mixed.


I am already ditching the pads these work so well and if you leak there is no odor I will definitely be ordering more of these they are very comfortable I love them!


Your customer service is fantastic! The first order was too large and they corrected it and sent out the next order. I tried to return the first order and they told me it was not necessary and to donate to the shelter. Very pleased with your service and I love these panties because they are light and cool for the summer time, and look great on. Much better than the previous company that I had ordered from which were bulky.


Love the fit and their super soft/comfy. Wish I would have ordered a smaller size though😩


"Order was shipped fast!

I like that they keep your clothes dry from leaks and not bulky as pads.

Would recommend



"First of all customer service is fantastic. My first order was too large and it was no hassle to get a size smaller.


The panties are so comfortable and fit is perfect. I have already purchased 10 pair. I am hoping they will come out with a beige or white package in the future and I will purchase right away. Another hope is for a boy cut panty.


You can’t go wrong buying these."


I have only worn them once but I like them so far.


I have tried other leak proof panties but they were thick, but worked. These are more comfortable, come up higher in the back and front in the protection area, wash great. I have not put in drier but read here you can. These get as many stars as possible. It is weird that you don't really know where the leaks go????


Luv these.. i feel so secure when i wear them... u guys are the greatest as i ordered 1 size and they were way to big and i let u know and u sent me another order at no charge... who does that... u guy's do.... you guy's are the best... i would recommend you to everyone i know 💯... Thank you sooooo much♥️


I bought these for my mother and she just called to tell me how great they were!!


My new panties are perfect!


"Elle font bien et les grandeurs indiquées sont fiable.



"Like these a lot. Ordered medium; they fit OK but would order small if I order again. They are much more comfortable than I expected. As others mentioned, I'd also like a lower cut version.


I might also suggest an ""active"" version if that's a possibility. These get SO sweaty, especially the liner part. Not sure what the solution is, but exercise is one of the causes of leaks so would love a less sweaty version!


Overall very happy with the purchase.



I love them!!! There’s times I can’t get to the bathroom fast enough!! I feel confident that my other clothes won’t get wet. They are true to size. The price was just right and not expensive for the number I received. They came in a timely manner and are very comfortable to wear!!!!!!!!


I am very happy with panties. They fit better than any others I have tried.. I would like for them come up a little in the waist. Overall they are great.


I just love the material they're made out of they're breathable they do exactly what they say they do love the product I would highly recommend them to anyone


Love them only wish they would come in a bigger size have purchased before and are amazing


I am quite impressed with your product. The added protection gives me added confidence. The material is light and feels like a regular panty. I am grateful I came across you Ad. Thank you!


Good customer service. Had to go down a size. Wish you could choose colors and that they had a hipster cut.


I'm happy with the fit and they really do work. Much easier to carry than pads when traveling. They wash and dry pretty quickly.


I was skeptical about buying Everdries. I've been wearing panty liners since my kids were born; over 40 years! It's such a nice feeling to not need to wear liners anymore! The only thing I would change is the band width. The band is a little narrow for my liking, but the fit is wonderful. The comfort is incredible. They are super light weight, made of quiet, movable material. My husband doesn't even know I've switched!! Definitely worth the price!!


"I love these panties! I ordered a size XL but they were a bit big especially in the leg so I reordered a size L. They are absolutely true to their word, they did not charge me. I sooo appreciate that but more than not having to pay, they kept their word!!   This is a great company with a great product. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you .  

Sincerely, Lois Carpenter"


They are still a little big even at xl but they are still wearable so, I will keep and in some time I will next try large! They are very comfy even a little big, I still felt confident and held my high for first time in a while!!


I love my everdries! They really work so it saves money on pads. The only thing I would love to see is these panties in a bikini!


I truly enjoy them ready to order another set


"I was surprised at how soft they were. Have not used them yet as I go on holiday soon and keeping them specially. Everyone that I have shown have said how nice they were.

More after my holiday!"


After I got the right size they are great. Thank you.


I absolutely love my everdries! I feel so free and comfortable all the time now. No more bulky pads just keeping all the moisture close to my skin. Thank you, thank you for these wonderful panties!


They’re surprisingly effective. Happy to give up pads. Feeling feminine again. Thanks. I’ll order more!


Arrived today, and I knew straight away they were going to be good, plenty of room, and plenty of protection, now I can stop using those horrible panty liners, that I find so uncomfortable, and get on with my life, thank you Everdries!


They fit very nicely, they are light not bulky and are comfortable to wear. I'm delighted.


"The first set ordered were huge in size. Smaller size immediately sent by you. I however left on vacation and have not yet sent back the bigger size.


We have returned and I will send the Large ones back.


Thank you for your kind patience.


Cecily McLean



I do like these, but I think I need to order a size larger which I will do all my next order. These panties solve a lot of Malik it issues. Thank you very much.


They fit well and are very comfortable. You can’t even tell you’re wearing anything underneath your pants. I recommend them highly.


"Ever since I became ill with a blood cancer I have had to wear ""pull ups"" because I was never sure when I stood up if I would leak. Its been 5 years of bulky panties. I LOVE these. I can wear them all day and not be afraid that they can be seen through my slacks and not bulky.

Another wonderful thing, them I travel I don't have to have a entire suitcase just for pull ups!! And I am not embarrassed when my bathroom trash is full full."


"Unbelievable easy and fast return! Such a joy!! At No expense to me. Underwear fit a feel great with No leakage! Thank you thank you!



"I really like that they don't leak, I take Lasix every day so for a few hours I need to wear a pad or booster pad for awhile, that works out fine for me, but the best thing is that it doesn't leak though. I'm going to tell my friends

about them. hopefully they will still be on sale. I bought xl

and 1XL but got XL and 2XL away to big so I went with L and the work get."


They actually match up with your description. They fit accurately and a definite help to my incontinence problem. They are comfortable and colorful and meet there purpose. Would definitely order more and recommend them


So far I love them. Bought a 5 pack to try. This is a real change as I’ve worn Cotton Jockey pants for over 40 years. I wasn’t sure how I’d do. But it appears to me that the appropriate absorbing part is cotton. They are very comfortable. I got a small although my hips measured more. I’m only 103 pounds, 4’10”. They felt comfortable. I would like a wider waistband perhaps but else feel great.


I really like them they keep me dry. They don't feel like a diaper plus they wash up great. Will order more. thank you for this product. Great job.


Excellent absorption. Enjoying the feeling of wearing panties without bulky pads.


These are fantastic. Need to order another set when I have the money next month


Like how light they are. I should of ordered a smaller size though. I gave my sister a pair to try


"I ordered the first set just to see. They are very comfortable and do as said. I use them when I exercise and when I'm going to have a long day. Loved them so much made a second purchase.



"I LOVE THEM!!! They are exactly what I hoped for! At first I was skeptical because of how thin they are...they work as intended!

The only thing I can find fault with...is better odor control...but, they work as intended...EVERDRIES."


I felt comfortable wearing this panties. They are soft and cover a larger area than my pantie shields.


These panties are great! Due to being 62, motherhood, and sitting all day at my computer, sometimes I don’t make it to the bathroom in time. When I realized I was going through menopause I thought “at least I won’t have to wear pads anymore”. Well, now I’m wearing pads every day and it’s taking a toll on my skin. Everdries are light and thin and pretty as any other panties but still give me the security of a light incontinence pad.


The sizing is correct. They are so comfortable without being thick and bulky. I wish I had found them earlier.


"I absolutely love them. Finally can get rid of the pads I’ve been wearing for years.

Thank you,



I love them. I will be getting more.


I am more than satisfied with my everdries. They are pretty, comfortable to wear love the assorted colours I got in my pack and they work well. Would definately recomend .


These are wonderful. I have a new confidence going about my everyday activities. Thank you for this product.


"The pants fit great even in larger sizes. They are comfortable and do not show through my jeans, shorts, or leggings.

They wash well and come out of the dryer looking brand new. "


I really do like these underwear the only suggestion I would make would be to have a high thigh design to choose from! They work great feel great but they remind of grannies panties. Not very sexy if you ask me! I wear them to work and they are very comfortable and work great! The older I get the more I find I am leaking pee! That sucks but these panties really work! They are so thin with the liner that you don't even feel it as being different than regular panties!! I recommend 👌


I truly expected Everdries panties to be bulky, uncomfortable and a waste of my time and money. How surprised I was when I tried them. They are light, fits your bottom like any other panties and overall very comfortable. The best thing about Everdries is that you have peace of mind knowing that they will protect you should you have a need. I am over the moon pleased with my purchase. I highly recommend this product..


Faybelle. S.     First I ordered a pack size L, they are a bit big on me, but very comfortable and do exactly what is promised. I am vurrently waiting on a pack size M. They really are a game changer, no pads, and you feel well protected at all times. Looove them ❤️


"I love my everdrie ! My issue with the panties is they are very hard to size, they run very large and even my next size down still seem a little big but I can wear them.

I had my bladder removed 5 years ago and they make me feel much more secure when I am out.

Thank you for a great product"


"Ordering and shipping was smooth and efficient.

I love the underwear."


"I love them they are comfortable and very fashionable. Probably will have to order more.

Diana Fischer "


I just bought the everdries and so far have been happy with the preformance and I like that the panties are high waisted, don't quit making them. I do wish that you had white because I like to wear white pants and I don't like colored panties under white pants.


I love these panties! My problem isn’t leakage, but perspiration. These panties keep me dry. I hope you design a shorter style that hits just below the waist and in a variety of lighter colors. I’ll be ordering again!


So I’m always reluctant to purchase anything off of the Internet especially when I see it on Facebook. However, I wanted to give these panties a try. They were shipped to me very quickly.They were all packaged individually. After trying the first pair I was very impressed with these panties. They do exactly what is advertised. I will be purchasing these panties again.


I ordered small and medium. The small were almost perfect just a tad big. The medium wayyyy too big. But I would order again I love them.


I love the panties, feel safer wearing them now. So comfortable. But slightly tight around the legs. Still love them.


I have ordered other types of this sort of underwear, but nothing compares to the Evergreen. Evergreen are lightweight and protective all at the same. I will order again and tell my friends about them.


Very comfortable pleased with them


Everdries are comfortable, and do a great job replaying my panty liners! I ordered using the chart and went one size smaller as suggested, however they were too big. Customer service was great about replacing my order with one size smaller that fit perfectly. The first order arrived quickly, the replacement came even sooner. I definitely recommend trying this brand.


Once I got the right size they are great. Wash up nice, wear like regular underwear. Very pleased with the product. Nice to know it’s a small business I’m supporting.


"I had ordered 2 packs of Everdries only to discover they were the wrong size. I contacted the company and was told they would send me the next size up. I had repackaged the wrong size to return and was asked by Everdries to please donate them to a women’s shelter, which I will do today. What an outstanding company!     The panties are great, fit well and they work for light to medium leaks. I am wearing XL 5’8” tall 195#

Thank you Everdries for your product and gift to those in need."


Panties are very comfortable to wear. Customer service is excellent and shipping was quick. I would highly recommend these panties. They do what they are supposed to do.


I love the feel and look of the panty. I use rhem for overnight because of their light weight and comfort, as well as the level of protection. I wear them daytime; but because I'm dealing with incontinence and large volumes of urine, I need a heavier absorption. Thus if I have easy access to a restroom, I'm OK, and I Iwear them; but if not, I use another product that will handle the larger flow.


I really like them they are comfortable and they seem to meet my needs and thank you.


At last I feel comfortable again and I don’t feel I am smelly when I dress I feel more like my of sel and I’m not worried about a long car ride make me sore and uncomfortable as pads used to make my groin painful where they rubbed I am waiting on my second order I wil gradually change al my panties to these. At long last a product that drivers what it promises thank you


Great fit when I got the right size. FYI they do run big. GreaT quality fabric is nice and soft. So far no leaks with no pad. Very impressed


"I have loved these panties sooo much that I told 2 other friends. One has received hers and. Cannot believe how great they are!  

I had a coughing spell the other day and along with that was a leaking spell. All was well and the panties absorbed it all. No messes elsewhere!!!"


"I was impressed by the Everdries ad that appeared on my phone and decided to try them. My response is:

I LOVE THEM! They ae comfortable and easy to use. I highly recommend them."


size was just right. Thank you!


"These panties are so comfortable. The first time I had an accident they performed great. They also wash great as well.

I now have the confidence to live a better life. Thank you!!"


"I have suffered from incontinence since I was a little kidI

I have never had any control. Im now 69 and FINALLY someone gets what Ive been going thru and has came out with a product that I love. They are true to size and fit like a dream. They wash up great. I wash mine on delicate and hang them up. I ever ordered either 5 or 10 more pair, I love them that much! Thanks so much for creating a great product!! I highly recommend them"


Ordered first set to try within a week ordered 2nd set like them so much. Have showed to others and they are checking on getting some from themselves or relatives who could use


I'm so glad to own panties that I don't have to wear pads for leaking. They are so comfortable and since I am a plus size they cover very well. It's nice to have panties made for women over 60 as I am 75. Thank u for these. They are wonderful.


My husband got bronchitis & the minute I started coughing too Facebook knew it & posted an add for Everdries. I went to your website, read the reviews & ordered. They came in about a week & they have saved me from both embarrassment & discomfort. They really do the job! I’m still coughing & will continue to wear these until I’m fully recovered. I recommend -Just remember to NOT put them in the dryer, air dry only! Thanks!


Great-not bulky-do what they are supposed to do. I will order more. One suggestion, I would like to order multiple pieces in one color but it’s doesn’t seem to be possible. Perhaps a little flexibility in the future. Thanks.


"So far, so good! I feel more comfortable knowing there won't be any leakage showing through my clothese. Thank-you for offering these for sale.


One thing that I would like to request. I wear a lot of black in the winter. I would like to order a set of black."


"I love these; sizing is good for me. I had a “night sweat episode” and they got sopping wet, but did not leak at all. I do think the color white would be a great addition!

Actually, i did not pamper them and they went through washing machine and drier with no problem. Thank you for this great product! S. "


I really like the confidence of not having a leak come through on my outer clothing. Thank-you!


Now that I have found the right size (medium) I love them! They are so light and comfortable. They don't get baggy on the seat so I'm not worried about leakage. A dream come true. Thank you so much 👍


Received my everdries and immediately opened the package to investigate the way they were made and the feel of the everdries. I was pleasantly surprised with the feel and layering. Since I have worn them I'm so happy with your product. You feel the softness and you don't hear any noises. They are just an amazing and so great ful I found them. I love the colors available. Highly recommend them to family and friends.


"Hi Jess,

Got my everdries in the mail yesterday. Was very surprised by the fit and lightness of the product. When ordering I ordered my regular size and guess what? They fit perfectly. I have already told 2 of my friends about your product. Continued success, you’re doing it right.     Jan Mandato

                Windsor,Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 "


"I absolutely love these panties! Prior to getting them, I had to wear a pad to avoid accidents and embarrassment. I am happy to give up the pads for sure!


They do run a little big. I did order a size too large at first, but when I called they simply replaced with the new size and replied to donate the larger ones to a shelter. That was VERY impressive!


My only suggestion might be to not make them so high- waisted. Otherwise they are perfect and I will order again."


Love them. Fit well and love the freedom.


I received my panties and I love them! They run a little big, so I should have ordered mediums. I will remember that when I order more! Thank you so much for this wonderful product!❤


"I was skeptical at first, but when they arrived, I was amazed how well they fit and felt protected from leaks! I love these ever dries!

      Thank you!

      A happy customer😊"


These are absolutely wonderful. Can going shopping with ease. No more panicking that I can not make it to the restroom in time.   I will be ordering additional sets. Actually ordering a set for my sister too!


"I loved the quality as soon as I opened the pack. Very comfortable and they do exactly as advertised. No more “oh, oh!” moments.

They do run on the large side though but once you know this…

Ordering was very easy and will definitely order more - in a smaller size! Great product!"


They work! I had a small leak and later in the day, the spot had dried up. No odor either!! I'm a believer!


"I love the concept and it really does work.

I usually take a medium but these are a little larger. I noticed after I wash them the trim does not lay as smooth. Otherwise I love the material. "


I was skeptical when I ordered these, wondered if they’d live up to the product reviews. They certainly have, and I’m sold! They have a nice, lightweight, comfortable fit; similar to regular panties. Most importantly, they do their job. Occasional leakage is readily absorbed, and a dry feeling remains. I love these so much, I have already ordered more.


These are great. I know when I sneeze or cough I'm always protected. Great buy!!!


Everdries panties were recommended to me by a good friend. She was raving about them so I took a chance and ordered them. She was so right. They are the best!


I love these. No more wearing WET! adult diapers and no more smell! Ugh! Plus a whole lot cheaper and more environmentally conscious.


I love these panties. I sneeze and I am not in a panic that I leaked. I bought 5 pair and want another set. They seem like very good quality and they wash and dry in the dryer beautifully. No shrinking.   I am a very happy customer in Canada.


I have bought several other brands in the past that did not work, so I was skeptical about these. But the EVERDRIES ACTUALLY WORK.   The interior protective lining goes all the way up the backside. The best thing about them is the fact they look and feel like regular panties. I will definitely tell others about these.


This panties have eliminated the need for bulky pads. There is a nice wide and long built in pad within the pantries but thin enough to not show under your clothes.


I recently wrote a review of your panties. I get the 5 pack. Ive ordered over $300 worth and I adore them! They are made so well, hold up like a dream, wash and dry perfectly. I wash them on delicate, cold water, no softner and hang them up. Perfect! Greatest product Ive ever seen. I cant wait til you get some in white. I will be ordering more. I get a 4XL size and they fit perfectly!


When I got them I thought no way would this work but it does. So comfortable you don't even know you're wearing them


I ordered wrong size, customer service was great, replaced with correct size. Working great so far.


I was So Entirely Sick of wearing pads for incontinence. I decided to try these panties. I am So happy to have found them. No more hateful pads. These suit my needs perfectly. I’m so glad I tried them and my life is so much easier now and I’m very happy.


Got my panties & just love them, I feel so much secure with them on, the colors are so pretty & there just a bit too big but work perfectly so remember when you order check your measurements. Thank you for making such an excellent for women like me that need them !!


They have improved my comfort and confidence with no more pads or leaks. I highly recommend these panties!


"I ordered the wrong size , I contacted customer service through E mail and they replaced them quickly. They had me donate the ones I was going to return instead of returning. I’m quite impressed with them . Wearing them is comfortable. I’d up load a picture but at 67 that’s not something everyone would want to see . 😵‍💫🤣

Order a size down . They run big.



Love these panties. Very comfortable.


Very comfortable and no pad bulges! Also, I bought a pack of Mediums and they were too big. I was just going to forget about it, but I received an email from Jess asking how I liked them. When I told her they were too big she sent me a pack of smalls that fit perfectly. She didn't want me to return the mediums (still neatly in their package). She asked me to donate them to women in need in my community. I'm a customer for life now.


Unsure of just how much they would help during a bladder infection. They catch most leaks, but the big oops (when my pants wouldn’t come undone immediately) was still more than they could handle. However, I think during bladder infection symptoms, I could add a pad. Now that’s gone, they are perfect! I am impressed with how you can’t tell them from regular underwear when wearing.


"I ordered these before a weekend trip and was very happy with their performance. It was so nice to not have to worry about having extra pads with me.


Thank you for a great product.




These have been the first two days in years that I haven’t worn a pad! These fit perfectly and feel so good on my skin. They are a miracle and I plan to order more. Just can’t explain how free I feel without a cumbersome pad!❣️


I was surprised at the quality of this product. Very nice and comfortable. They don't show under close and feel very light. I'm very pleased with this product. I will definitely be ordering more.


"I like them very much. They are quite comfortable and work pretty well.

Some days I have had to change into a fresh pair midday. "


I love these panties. I ordered medium and should have ordered small because the legs aren’t tight enough. They are my favorite panties and I wear them everywhere. I wear pads with them because of nerve damage from back surgery. They keep me drier. I agree that we should be able to order all one color.


These panties are amazing. Never felt wet at all. Will definitely recommend them to others. Thank you for making a great product.


This was second order and I loved my undies they work very well I like the material and the colors it’s true to size will be back when I need them the price almost perfect I like sales to lol


I just received the five pack. I love them. They are so comfortable. I haven't had any big leaks - psychological maybe? I do wish I could buy a high waist pack just one color (beige). I doubt if I will wear the black much. The company has been very understanding and fair. I made a mistake in my order, and it was straighted out politely and quickly. Good company.


The fabric of these panties is very soft. The absorbent part is large and very thin, but highly absorbent. My only complaint is that the panties themselves are too high waisted. Please make them shorter in the rise.


Good product, prompt service, excellent communication. No complaints. Will buy again.


"These panties are the greatest. I have two orders of them (actually 3). I ordered the wrong size by mistake and true to there word they sent me another package in the right size and did not charge me or have me send them back so I am sharing them with some larger women in the building to help share the word. I have urge incontinence and I am always secure



I truly love these protective panties. They feel really nice on, and protect as they should. My only qualm is the fact that it is said they are machine washable. After washing my first two pair in my machine, both pairs were utterly ruined and unwearable. Next time, I soaked them by hand and they washed up beautifully and were like new. Do yourself a favor and wash them by hand. That being said, you will not regret purchasing these panties. They are the best I have ever worn.


Best panties ever!! I no longer need anything else


Fantastic product, very comfortable, I love the peace of mind to be able to sneeze or cough . lol


It is so nice not to be afraid of a sneeze! These panties are so comfy, they don't make any noise like some products do. And best of all, they really are absorbent but keep you feeling dry.


They are definitely on the large size, but cannot fault the customer service side and my replacement pair’s certainly live up to the hype. My first set I gave to my Mum and she is as pleased with the them as I am. Will order more but I would also like some white underwear. Also would like some not quite as high as they come well above the waist. My next set will be a size smaller as still a little on the large size. I am usually a size 12 (UK) currently have the 8-10 but will try the 4-6 size


I love the panties. They are my preferred style. The size I ordered, large, fit perfectly. They are comfortable, not bulky feeling. Best of all they don't show through your outer clothes. I ordered two sets. Now I'm so glad I did. Will be ordering more in the future. Thank you for designing these panties.


Love them. I ordered them in an xl and they were to big so I was sent a size L and they are perfect. Thank you so much. These panties are a life saver.


I do love the panties! I just ordered 10 more pair. I had to order up a size. They were a little snug in the leg opening for me. I did put them to the test on a bus trip and they are so much more comfortable than liners. Love the soft material. Only wish they could go in the drier.


These underwear are a life changer. All the information they supply is totall helpful and realistic. I love my new underwear and would highly recommend them to all women with light to medium leakage. I have no fear of accidentally showing or the smell of urine. Great product. Just give them a chance and you will not regret how it changes your life.


I like the panties. The set I bought was a little small. Size up when you order. Overall I think they are a good buy. Elastic in the waist and thighs could be a little more stretchy.


Super happy with these. They're my first try at a way to be more confident being on my feet with limited bathroom access at work. I'm also happy to say they survive the low temp dryer.


They are so comfortable. Work well for usual leaks. Love them.


Very happy with me Everdries. The comfort and fit are nice as well as the wash and wear ability.


Fantastic solution! Thanks.


These panties are everything they say they are. Just a helpful hint. If you wear a size 8 or 9 in regular panties, buy an X large.


I LOVE Everdries! The coverage area is much larger than any of the other panties. Like this, they wash like a dream. I cannot recommend them highly enough, I am so glad I found them.


I ordered 2 more packages. One full price and one using a discount code. They are expensive do I ordered 2 other cheaper brands to compare. Waiting to receive them.


These are amazing!! So light and comfortable and are heaven sent for women who suffer from incontinence. Highly recommend them!


It feels good to not adding panty liners since I started using this underwear. I feel confident that I will not suffer from an accident related to episodic stress incontinence. This product is great!


Sounds wonderful


Love these! They are extremely comfortable, and will not disappoint.


Just recently received mine and have worn then just one time a piece but love them very much ! I think I could maybe get by with a smaller size ,but not really sure ?? The only thing I would request:- I prefer neutral colors rather than bright colors, perhaps you can consider that please, I plan to order more anyway sure beats buying and wearing pads ! Thankyou so very much !!God Bless you !🙏


I absolutely love them and I am so glad they have my larger size! Thank you!


These were much better than expected. I thought I would try them in spite of my unfair opinion. I'm very happy with the panties. They hold leakage and not ounces. For my condition, they are perfect. I'll be ordering more.


"Amazing! For once something that is NOT to good to be true! I wore my Everdries to work and was dry all day…no matter if I sneezed, coughed, or jumped…It was a dream come true to make it through a day of teaching dry. I’m planning on ordering more because I don’t have enough for each day. THANKS!!!!



"They are fantastic. Needed a size. larger as they are a little tight around the legs but they now fit perfectly.

They are very sturdy and feel great on. Thanks for a great product!





I love them. They are what I needed. Thank you so much.


Have been using these for a couple of years now. They have given me back the confidence to go out and be sociable again and feel good in myself.


"Excellent product. Very comfortable, no bulk and holds moisture well. No leaking. bunching

or skimpiness in the wrong places. Loved them! I feel confident and relaxed when I wear them. Already ordered a second batch !

Sincerely, Nancy E"


Very comfortable, easy to wash, look normal. I’m very pleased


I ordered my ever Dries after seeing the ad on Facebook. I have had issues with incontinence and leaking for over 20 years, and have been very pleased to make a transition from poise pads to leak proof panties, and have been trying several brands. Ever dries are large but that gives you full coverage coverage and they are very comfortable but they do still seem to breathe. Also, the area covered is quite large which is nice. I’ve tried some brands where the leak proof portion was very small and slipped at night when I slept, and I did not have this issue at all with EverDries I will be definitely ordering EverDries again.


When I first ordered I chose large which was way to big. When I emailed I was sent a medium size which are comfortable but a little loose. I am afraid that small may be too tight. Otherwise they work great as I have stress incontinence. I am on vacation now and don’t have to worry about leaks


Very comfortable. Wash well


Absolutely love these!! Really got tired of wearing pads all the time. Will certainly buy again and have recommended them to friends and family. Thank You!!!


I wasn't sure if I was going to like them or if they were going to fit like the disposable panties. Omg. I Love them and going to buy the 10 pack. I wear them to work and don't have to worry about pads when I cough or laugh. So glad I purchased them. They fit great and comfortable feel like regular underwear. I would highly recommend.


Very comfortable and really absorbent love the colours and they don't leak and true to size


Love the breathable fabric. Tried a different brand and found the protection fabric dried up in the dryer. Made them very uncomfortable to wear. So happy to find Everdries.


I ordered 5 in xl. They were a bit binding in waist. Not much give. I ordered 10 in xxl. Much more comfortable. Only con is they’re lined in white material which shows stains. Wish there was other option.


This underwear fits like regular underwear but with leakage protection. I keep ordering more. Trying to replace my regular ones.


I received my panties about a week ago. And I love them. I have already told several friends about them ! They said they will be ordering them soon!


I ordered these panties and was not sure what to expect. They are great, comfortable and honestly look nice too.


"I love my everdries! They are so comfortable and they just feel like regular panties. I have the perfect size.

Thank you so much! I will order another set real soon."


My order arrived yesterday. I have had a recent bout of Covid and although I am over it I still have a lingering cough. I tried them on immediately. Love the fit. Last night , when I went to use the bathroom, I saw that I must have had some leakage during one of my coughing spells. It was shocking to me how much wetness there was, yet I didn't feel a thing. Ordering a second set!! Highly recommend.


"These panties are PERFECT! I will definitely recommend to my family and friends!

Linda J"


I’m very happy with the panties. I wear a size 14 so I ordered the large and they fit perfectly. I always break out with a rash from the pads so happy to have something comfortable and protective.


Perfect fit not bulky but really work I still wear a pad.. but no leakage. Would like to be able to purchase all white I have ten pairs.


I admit I was very skeptical seeing an ad on Facebook consistently and not sure if this was “the real deal”. IT IS!   I have received my first package of 5 and already feel so much “lighter” without a bulky pad!   I am 5’6” and currently weigh 194 lbs. I wear a size 8 in regular panties and got the Large and they fit snugly especially around the leg holes but I think the XL would be too big.   I washed them in a lingerie bag in the washer and hung to dry and they came out like new. One thing I did notice is that there is a “diaper oder” when I remove them (or sitting on the toilet) but I asked my bestie while I had them on and she said no “funky” smell!


I am very impressed with the way these panties work just as advertised! The fabric is soft and very comfortable.   I feel confident of no leaks.


The fact that they fit is wonderful. They live up to all the advertising. Would highly recommend to everyone.


I really like the pants, although even the large is too big. I followed the measurements and accordingly ordered clog. Now I received large and they are still high. I will wear them any way. Thanks, Karen Fast


I am please with the look and your quick response to have me satisfied! Thank you!


They're light nd comfortable on my skin.


"I absolutely love my Everdries Panties! They are comfortable and true to size. I wear a size 7 and the Large fit very comfortably. I put on my first pair of Everdries and went dancing. My bottom was dry and my pants. I'm supper impressed that I don't leave a skip mark on the chairs when I get up. I'm telling all my leaky friends all about Everdries and they ordering.   They are well made, nice colors. I Machine wash them and air dry them. Highly recommend them.

It's a win win for me. They don't ride up or cut into the skin.  



Love, love, love these Panties! Soft and comfortable. Having so more confidence now wearing even lightweight clothes or tighter fitting clothes.


Love these! So happy to no longer have the bulk of pads! Looking forward to traveling knowing I’m protected when giggling, coughing or anything in between! Recommended to friends and family too! Purchase them, you won’t regret it!


Started wearing them and I love how they fit . No more pads! Very comfortable love how they feel, light weight . I’ll be sure to order more. Thank you


I have some mild incontinence due to pelvic radiation and have worn pantyliners ever since. I first got a pair of the boxer type undies, but they didn't help much. Now I wear everdries under the cute boxers and the combination works great!


No more wet jeans when I cough or sneeze, such a relief. I love these!


"Well l just got my hip replacement surgery so my leak proof high waisted panties came just in time came home Tuesday from the hospital and l was. So happy they fit perfect.

My left side is swollen and l didn't think about that when l ordered but t

hank God they are loose and fit

Comfortable too

Now l need to order another set of the same kind please 🙏.l am very happy to find these panties and l will definitely tell my friends about it



Started wearing them as soon as I got them and I love them. There comfortable and feel so nice. Glad I bought them.


It is wonderful not having to wear a pad anymore. These panties are comfy and give great protection against leaks. I had a different brand before but the coverage was not adequate for my needs. I highly recommend Everdries!


So far really pleased, good product, thanks.


Loving them so far !! Had to re-order a much smaller size, but once the fit was right, they are perfect and very comfortable ! Very easy to care for - just machine wash and hang to dry !


I recently ordered my 3rd bundle of these light-weight, well-made, absorbent panties. I love them and I hope soon to replace all my panties with Everdries.


They are doing what I expected


I purchased one set of five and fell in love with the panties, so I ordered a second set. I am considering a third set. They are so comfortable, and I feel like I am safe if I have an accident and not able to get to the bathroom quickly enough.


First of all, I am awed by the service I got when I called to reorder because the first set was way too big. I ordered the size of some other panties I have. Instead of buying more they told me to give those to someone else and they sent me another set at no cost. For the panties themselves, I love them. I really love not having to wear those clumsy old thick pads any longer. I hope this small business continues to grow stronger every day. We need more small businesses that take care of their customers so they will keep coming back and will tell others how good their product it.


Love the everdries panties. I wear them everyday. I have two sets and will order more for myself and friends. Wish it came in only black or darker nude shade. Also , if the crotch was black, it would be better


"I ordered the wrong size. Customer service was great. Sent the correct size immediately.   I’m very happy with product as well as the company. Will recommend to all my friends who have leaking problems.



These panties are lightweight yet they provide great protection. I have been able to discontinue using leak pads. They fit comfortably and I have washed them easily. I’m glad I purchased them.


I wear these all the time, every time I sneeze or cough I have some wetness. I work at a desk under AC and in a body shop where there is constant dust coming in the office. I was using pads daily, which is never really comfortable, and always concerned if they leaked. These allow me to forget about it and feel more confident when I stand up. Thank you for this great comfortable underwear.


I purchased the wrong size and received a replacement for a smaller size! It was even a holiday weekend! Anxious to try!!!


Love the material and they are super comfortable. Love the colors


Love them, have ordered a second set


Hi Jess , thankyou so much for sending me more pants in the proper size, this lot are perfect , and as you suggested I have given some away to my friends , I have never been so confident in a long time , they are also very comfortable and easy laundered many many thanks for your hard work and dedication to woman kind .


So far so good! These panties are very well made! Comfortable! The large is a little big on me, afraid the medium would be too small. Anyway, they are well worth the price. Thank you!


I love your company. One of my sisters was the first in our family to buy your product. She told me to buy a size smaller than I usually wear. I wish I had listened to her. I ordered a large and I should have ordered a medium. I contacted customer service. They immediately sent out another order in the correct size. They told me to donate the first order of panties. I will donate them to a women’s homeless shelter. Thank you so much for the wonderful service. There are three members in our family that love your product.


Love love love my panties. They look really good and they fit me perfectly. I love that they do not leak. Very important!! I will recommend these panties to my friends. Thank you so much 😊


I was a little concerned if they would fit and be comfortable. So I was very pleased with the fit and comfort. I feel confident that I will be protected from any accidents. My only issue is the Cotten lining at the back seems to wear its way between the cheeks of my bottom. So much better than wearing incontinence pads.


"The Everdries meet my expectations 100%

The panties are very comfortable! The only thing that might be a negative..... I can sweat under them in the high heat of the summer that we have been having! I sure wish I had them when I worked at the hospital and wore scrubs and sneezed!!! Not Good! Even though I don't work there anymore, I Love not having to put a pad in my panties any more!!! They was onh up very well! And I do hang to dry. Yes I would certainly recommend these to anyone that experiences light leakage as I do. Thank you for a remarkable, comfortable panty for us older women. "


I have worn all the pairs I bought and washed them once. They are very comfortable and seem to do the same job as a light liner. Nice colors too. Only suggestion would be to reinforce the waistband and maybe make it a little wider. It’s a great idea and product! True quality will come in how long they hold up.


"I love it because I hate wearing pads and I have to carefully purchase the right kind of pads or I breakout. With Everdries I don’t have that problem. I would like the panty to absorb more. But no leaks is great. Also would love to have by next summer an option to purchase all white.




Very happy Thankyou. Worth every penny to have peace of mind and comfort.


I got mine right before vacation with family. So great to not be worrying about the next restroom stop.


Love these panties. They are so comfortable and do not seem to have a panty line that shows through pants. Originally I ordered to the wrong size and I love the company's policy of donating to shelters rather than returning. Everdries was a great find and I intend to reorder as needed. Thanks!


I like the everdries they are very comfortable .” I did not know I was not to fry them in the dryer till Just now read in your information. . I will be ordering more .


Ever dries is exactly as described. They do run a little big. The customer service is the best I have ever encountered.


Absolutely love them and they fit wonderfully, not bulky at all and I love the colors!


These panties are so comfortable, they do exactly what they say, keeps leaks from getting to my clothes. Very soft material.


Just received the corrected size, was so surprised they didn’t want the other ones sent back, so I will give to someone that can use them. The medium is a great fit.


"I have had issuesover the past few years and tried everything on the market and nothing worked. It was very embarrassing to have to run to a restroom and not make it in time aND pee is everywhere. Then I saw these wonderful, magical, and miracle underwear. I order 5 pairs and i was in heaven, no more usless products, no more having to carry a complete change of clothes. These really keep me dry and no leaks. I ordered 6 more pairs. I now own 11 pairs and feel free to go about my day

  Thank you.

  Tricia K."


This is a good product. Very happy. Also, Everdries is a good company. My first order was the wrong size and in a timely manner they delivered the correct size to me. Very happy with customer service👍


Love my everdries. Even though I still use a pad, I am able to get by with a much thinner one. And I have confidence that there will not be any leaks. And more than the panties, I cannot believe the amazing customer service of the company. I ordered large and they were too big. Customer service sent an email asking how I liked the pants and I mentioned that they were too big. They immediately shipped out the smaller size and asked me to donate them to a charitable organization, which I did. I will be ordering another set very soon.  


They are very comfortable. In my case I wish that the elastic were a little looser otherwise I am very satisfied


"Love it I can't believe how it really works also the first ones was to big I got the 2nd medium it fits beautifully Thank you all soo much. I recommend it highly small leakage or large it works and I feel dry doesn't go thru my pants buy it


guys u won'

t regret worth the money. No more pads for me thank you once again"


First, I want to thank you for for taking care of my size problem, so quickly! I needed the the next size large. No problem….sent that day and received it lightning speed. I love my panties, they are perfect!   Have donated my first set to a lady that was in need.   My only suggestion…maybe make XXXXL in the future. There is a lot of big butts in the world! You will be successful because of the way you run your company……Nancy C.


I love not having to wear a pad now. These panties do exactly what they say they will do! I did order 1 size larger than I usually wear because the narrow waistband rolled down in the size I initially ordered due to the snug fit. I have 10 pairs and will reorder.


"These are lovely comfy panties and I have felt more confident in wearing light colour with these as I haven’t yet had an accident.

Thank you!"


I really love them they are comfortable and light weight I've tried others but there material is heavy. The only thing I would of changed is the size I ordered a extra large wish I ordered a large I lost weight since having covid and keep forgetting I have to go down a size.


"I am happy to have found Everdries.

I feel comfortable all day in them.


I placed my first order but I would like to put another order of 5 in S size because they run a little big.


Definitely greatest product, they look and feel like regular panties.

Highly recommend them. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.



These are great! It's nice to have them in different colors as well. It's such a relief to sneeze or cough & not have visible leakage. My only negative is that it's a pain to hang them to dry in a small apartment. One got into the dryer by mistake & it shrank a bit, but is still wearable.


Had to go a size smaller, could maybe go smaller, but so comfy. Everything I hoped for. Will buy more, they really do work !!!!


Panties are very comfy. They also offer support. Ladies know exactly what I mean!! going to recommend these panties to a friend of mine who needs these panties.


Love, love, love them!!! Will be ordering more just as soon as I get moved!!! Best underpants I’ve had in a long, long time! Thank you!!!


"Great product. Super company.

When my 1st set arrived they were too big (my mistake). Nobody likes droopy drawers. However, the GREAT customer service I received was amazing!!! A second set was sent out immediately without question or hassle of returning. This set fits perfectly. They are amazing. No more bulky pads. They wash up beautifully. Highly recommend you try them. They are a game changer."


I am so pleased with my order. I am a plus size woman and when I read the reviews they all said to go a size smaller. I did that and they were too small. I ordered my regular 3x and they fit perfectly. They’re re very comfortable. Thank you for the very fast replacement.


Very pleased with this product. They are comfortable to wear.


"Having ordered the wrong size they were quickly replaced with the correct size with absolutely no hassle.

They are so much more comfortable than having to wear a pad for occasional incontinance. My only suggestion would be a wider waistband……

Thank you for your great product and customer service."


Love the fit and the confidence they give me. Thank you.


I absolutely love these panties. The fit well and I don’t have to worry about leaks. Going to buy some for my mother in law


There great no more pads and no more Leaks thank you 🙏


I love them .. they fit great and feel wonderful on. I, too, would like to have more black pairs available as well. I do have a mesh bag I used to wash them in, that way I don’t accidentally throw them in the dryer. I did forget about hanging, but first time I washed them, I just laid on top of dryer to dry. It was an excellent buy, and will be ordering more!! Thank you!